When folks get sick or have any indication of infection or inflammation, lymphocytes comes to the rescue. Lymphocytes are part of white blood cells that fight disease and contain a significant portion of the body’s immune system. There are two kinds of lymphocytes. One type is called B cell that fights against foreign products in the blood flow like toxins or .


The second type is T cell that’s a significant component of lymphocytes but occasionally gets confused. It then attacks the body’s own cells believing they’re foreign bodies. A sort of T cell is destroyed by the virus which leads to a compromised immune system unable to fight off other diseases. The lymphocyte blood level is part of a regular blood test and provides doctors important information regarding an individual’s . A high lymphocyte level suggests that some inflammation or infection is happening some place within the and the immune system is trying to fight it off.

A level that’s too low indicates a problem with the immune system and there are insufficient lymphocytes to fight off the illness. Although lymphocytes are needed for a healthy immune system, they can misinterpret tissue and organ transplants as undesirable foreign bodies and reject them. There’s also a group of diseases, such as rheumatoid and , which are known as autoimmune diseases.

These happen when the lymphocytes misinterpret normal cells as foreign bodies and strike some organs of the body. An upside to this dilemma is they sometimes recognize cancer cells as foreign bodies and assault them. Neither autoimmune diseases nor the way the lymphocytes choose certain cancers to ruin and others are completely known. Both are the subject of research.

Final note

Researchers of autoimmune diseases are working on ways to eliminate the confused, diseased lymphocytes with normal ones. They are finding more success with”fixing” the diseased lymphocytes rather than destroying and replacing them. Cancer researchers are attempting to understand why some lymphocytes and the body’s immune system recognizes some cancer cells as foreign bodies and destroys them yet enables other people to multiply.

The hope is that the body’s own immune system could be utilised as an anticancer treatment and comprehend all as foreign bodies and destroy them. Future studies may have the ability to ascertain how to differentiate between the cells and immunize cancer victims with the cancer fighting lymphocytes as an effective .