In every area of your , you may face problems. This is inevitable. Nobody is immune to this reality of existence. However, there isn’t any need to feel vulnerable. Because with the Nine-Step Problem-Solving System I will teach you now, you will become proficient at resolving even the most daunting of issues.

Good to know

Once you master this system, you’ll position yourself to fix any issue. It’s absolutely crucial that you take a fresh sheet of paper and write the issue down. By doing this you will identify what the true problem is. It ought to be as simplified as possible. Any one that reads the announcement ought to have the ability to let you know exactly what the problem is. Problems can mentally hit you very deeply. This can create an imbalance of emotions. Certain hormones are released that can enable you to feel shaky.

To counteract this change, all you will need to do is just laugh at the issue. Yes, literally laugh at it. State the problem while laughing at it using humorous voices. I know that this sounds absurd, but trust methis will calm down your nerves and get you focused. You will be inclined to feel lonesome when confronted with a problem. You may assume that the entire world is out for you. The remedy for this feeling would be to take some time to consider your spouse, your loved ones and friends. This is your support team.

These are really your well-wishers who always want to see you grinning and will do anything to see you happy. These are the men and women that will stop everything to come to your aid when you’re in distress. The caveman response behaviours of fight-flight-freeze are still embedded in you.


In our contemporary times, you may have come to see that the responses of struggle and flight are really not necessary as we don’t for the most part face life threatening moments. And you’re less likely to answer in this way. However the freeze response is one which you may appear to have little control over. Therefore, you will need to learn to tame it. It is easy to break the shackles simply by making your body movement. You may get up and have a walk or if potential run.

Engage yourself in a small exercise routine of moving your hands, waist and shoulders. If the shoulders are drooped, pull them up and stretch them wide. If your is shallow, then have a moment to carry out some deep . And when your head is hanging low, lift it up high, high into the sky. I am positive that you agree to the fact that words have power. Words from President JF Kennedy enticed a country to aim for a target as audacious as landing a man on the moon. Words can affect you in a positive or a negative manner.


The term Problem has a negative impact. You will need to give it a more positive spin. You can instead use the word Challenge or Opportunity or even a Possible Blessing in Disguise rather than the word Problem. As a consequence of changing the language, you may approach the matter with an entirely positive prognosis. From here on, I will only use the term Challenge instead of the word Problem. The next step is to place on your FBI Agent’s hat. Gather all of the facts and information and put it in writing.

View the challenge from various perspectives. Scrutinize each and every detail. The solution to the challenge could lie in this measure. It’s very important to ask quality questions. Quality questioning will lead to quality alternatives. Who can I call or speak to about this challenge? Perhaps you have had a similar question in the past and how did I manage it? What’s the worst-case scenario? How important is this matter anyway?

Will it matter in 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year from now? What’s the long-term advantage of solving this challenge? Can this be an opportunity for something imperial? It’s very important that you keep your focus. You need to have at least 80 percent of your focus on the solution and only 20% on the true challenge.


If you take some time to reflect on all of your previous challenges, you will understand that you have solved nearly all the challenges that came your way. Isn’t that remarkable? In precisely the exact same manner, you will fix this challenge also. Once it’s taken care of, you want to take the opportunity to observe this latest triumph. You see most individuals multiply a challenge they have by ten times. It’s a huge deal for them. Nevertheless, once they defeat it, they espouse their accomplishment. This is extremely unfortunate. But you aren’t going to be like them. You’re a champion, and a winner admits his accomplishment in front of a packed stadium. So go ahead, celebrate this moment of achievement.