The National Center for statistics reported in 1997, doctors made two million diagnoses of “Acute reaction to stress” when patients were seen for check-ups or complaints of , stomach problems, disturbances and some heart issues.

Chronic stress

These were usually a direct result of chronic stress and overwhelm, patients were attempting to do it all without a time just for themselves, the resulting complaints were making it more difficult to get things done and inducing lasting health issues. By spending a minimum of ten minutes each day alone you can lessen your stress hormones and enhance your immune functions.

Using the refrain I’m just too busy to have ten minutes of silence all to myself is really slowing us down, which makes us less productive, and opening us to the danger of severe stress related ailments. Periods of have been demonstrated to be as vital to our health as good food, , and water. There are several ways and places to give yourself your everyday privacy; some people like to sit quietly and meditate, others find listening to soothing music helps them recharge.


Walking your dog or gardening are also great ways to get your solitude. A couple of requirements to be certain that you are receiving the full benefits of your quiet time would be to be sure that you are being within the silence or action you’re doing, as opposed to over that to-do list again, or thinking of all of the things you will need to accomplish as soon as you get done with this 10 minute solitude break you’re having. The actual value of taking at least a 10 minute daily break is that you give your a break.

If ideas come up you can just notice them and release themor write them down on a little pad so that you can look at them later. We’ve got a fantastic wealth of insight and wisdom within us but we never cease to tap into it. Make the 10 minutes a priority in your day and you will find you have more , greater clarity, and can be creative and focus on the items you want to achieve and make them happen effortlessly and be fulfilled then you’d ever imagined.

I usually introduce this notion of taking a privacy break to my customers during the first month of our training, there’s resistance at first but as soon as they’ve experienced the feeling of being recharged and the insights they gain they schedule time each day sometimes twice a day to get a break just to be alone.

Final note

One of my customers was stuck at a position she did not like. The cash was terrific and she used that as an excuse to put up with the long hours and the lack of fire she felt in and day out. I left a request that she put aside 10 minutes a day to just be by herself. As I asked this she became restless and spent another five minutes list all reason why it would not be possible to include this one more thing to this overwhelmed schedule. After talking a little more my customer confessed that she never had some time just to herself and she found the idea attractive, she began with five minutes every day. Early in the morning before work she would sit in her kitchen window seat and watch the sun begin daily. After just four days of this she called me to say that spending this time had given here a recharge and she was prepared to explore new career ideas and make a change.