The quick draw of the pencil by many physicians to hand out prescriptions for antibiotics for no reason or with any link to the illness is showing its ugly head. Overuse and misuse of antibiotics has attained the stage of being a killer and is no more a cure or prevention.

Did you know?

Due to this overuse of chemical antibiotics our body stops producing its own natural antibiotics when we desperately want it. In the not so distant future a simple illness or scrape could kill you or a significant becomes impossible due to superbugs resistant to antibiotics. Who’s to blame for this superbug resistance? The first blame must go to the pharmaceutical companies and another blame to physicians; the patients aren’t totally blameless either.

The title antibiotics became such a bus-word at the health care profession some years back and each one hopped on to the band wagon liberally of its effects. For the smallest distress people would visit the doctor and request antibiotics and a lot of the physicians agreed, merely to maintain the patient happy and the money rolling in. There for the duty to stop the cost of the super-immune does not lie with the physician or pharmaceutical firms but with the average person on the street.

Let’s see…

We have to prevent the trap since our reliance on it’s become deadly. Say no and resist antibiotics! There are too many unimpressive records concerning the overuse of antibiotics and there for ruining your own natural immunity in our body. We have reached this stage based on some data in 2008 which a lot of people die every year from hospital – acquired MRSA (multi-resistant staphylococcus aureas) infections. Less than two years ago the World Health Organization issued an ominous warning to act now or risk losing this miracle medication forever; it’s hardly a miracle medication any longer.

Figures issued by the European Union a whopping 25,000 people die annually through antibiotic – resistance. In many illnesses antibiotics will have zero impact in combating whatever illness it is. Symptoms like middle ear, throat and respiratory tract infections, colds and flu are viruses; this implies antibiotics will have no effect or use to deal with them what so ever. It’s more important to deal with the signs and comfort level the organic way than attempt to cure an illness that will automatically run its course and solve itself. It’s up to us to construct our own antibiotic defence!


has given our body its own defence. All we must do is to keep it active and strong. We’re really a part of nature, but in utilizing traditional medicine we treat nature as our enemy and are ruining our own antibiotic immune defence. To safeguard your that your body produces antioxidants to neutralize free radicals. We ought to use only ingredients that are organic and natural. You body will inform you when the immune system is not fully functional. This is when the diet you’re on becomes questionable. The body’s defence immune system is vulnerable against any danger and the free radicals gain control.