I never just how beneficial to my laughter was before tragedy hit my loved ones. Then, laughter kept me from orbiting to the land of oblivion. Laughter never seemed so sweet. In the midst of sorrow, a good cry is anticipated, but a hearty laugh can keep us afloat.


Weve all heard the proverb, “laughter doeth good like a ” (especially a good-tasting type) and composing the comedy of life provides a double dose of this fantastic tasting stuff. Inevitably some will scratch their heads and wonder how comedy writing can be something to look at when the pain of sorrow out of a reduction is so intensive. People not in catastrophe, imagine those in pain only able to shout and soak up tissues. They’re right; while loss of a loved one, a divorce or an illness do create countless tears, being able to laugh and document the comedy are curative to healing. I married my husband because of his humor.

While some marry for money or house on the shore, I was attracted to the mans ability to create an atmosphere of bliss. After the painful death of our four-year-old son, Daniel, we had humor like a buffer from the agonizing wounds in our hearts. We learned to laugh together rather than constantly growing angry at the silly things people (albeit with good intentions) said to us. And although we aren’t prepared for stand-up comedy yet, our comedy has helped to save our marriage.


Pauline Russell of Duke University Medical Center. She adds that findings have led researchers to conclude that laughter should be a part of a daily health regimen — like exercise and . How do you find the humor life offers? First you need to search for the humor in everyday living. Put on your comedy antenna so you will pick up on the comedy that’s all around you. It had been there just the other night in my home. My husband and beagle pup were seated in the front of the TV watching the Super Bowl.

I was in the midst of writing an informative paragraph to an editor about my own ezine, Tributes. I added how my ezine was an instrumental tool for me on this journey of and how attaining fellow bereaved parents helps with my own recovery. In the middle of editing my paragraph, my 11-year-old daughter ran out on our newly-built deck using the brand new furniture. A couple of seconds later she announced she’d thrown up. “On the deck?” I yelled from my article at the computer. I went to have a look as our beagle puppy hurried out and began to lick the bulk of vomit which spread across the deck floor.

When I saw shed also chucked on the new gliders custom-made cushions, I cried,”How can you throw up there too? The entire restaurant appeared quiet, obviously listening as this girl vocalized her ardent feelings. Venture out on a comedy search by searching for bumper stickers, signs, billboards and even misspellings.


Write the humorous ones down and keep a selection of them to read aloud at least once every month. By doing so, you’re making your own joke book. As a family, listing funny things and set them on slips of paper. Put them in a jar (label it your”barrel of laughs”) and choose one out, one each night or once a week. You won’t forget the family jokes and will use them to bring you closer to every member as the years go by. If you haven’t already, remember the funny memories of loved ones that have gone on and them to your comedy journal. Early every weekday morning at the hospital Daniel and I’d awaken to a guy outside the room door singing,”Newspaper, paper.” I’d answer,”No, thank you” to which the paper salesman would automatically chirp,”Have a wonderful day.” It became Daniel’s and my joke. All we would have to say to one another and then split into laughter was,”Newspaper, paper. Have a wonderful day.” That journal entry always gives my heart a refreshing . Humor is everywhere. Learn how to search for it, catch it in the pages of your diary, laugh and watch your health improve and your heart heal.