Did you realize that your instinct is very much akin to the ability that’s already designed by the Great Designer and it lives and breathes in your own ? Yes indeed, your ability to heal yourself, to know what to do next, or how to flourish as you’re prosperously and alive is within the walls of your ears by listening to your .

Let’s break it down

For starters what does to intuit mean? In my review it means to know with surety the fact or reality based entirely on how your body and react to or resonate with what you believe and feel to be false or correct. Does that help you any? Well, perhaps not too obvious? How about with no prior direction, learning or explanation? All of us know certain facts based on how we view them as constants.

Right? Case in point: flame is hot, we are all aware that, but did you know it is not always yellow or red to be sexy? Your intuition or instinctive mind knows that! Case in point: You’re supposed to have dinner with a new friend and rather you cancel, as you feel that there’s a problem of the sincerity, truthfulness or they might have a hidden agenda for wanting to meet with you in an unfamiliar setting.


Hope that is clear enough? That’s my idea of using your ability to intuit a problem which hasn’t been proven or disproven. Back to the of the article; Let your ability to intuit adventures, happenstances or new events guide you! Your instinct is exactly what the Divine Creator gave you once you’re not able to apply or sound rationale to what your gut is !

My advice to myself and others, as my eyes and hears need to hear and be educated too, that just like our body heals without us knowing why or how, so does our mind and our heal, protect, respect, revere and treat us too! REMEMBER- that is what your instinct does for your mental and psychological health also! Isn’t the Divine Creator a boon? He made us to protect, shield, guide and understand what beyond what our own words or logic can express- SIMPLY ASTOUNDING! Listen to the words of wisdom which come to you from inside and call it what you may. Be it intuition, inner guidance, a natural happening resonance or a sense that me and you are infinitely attached to A Divine Creator that loves us both and all!