There are four attributes with each man who’s diagnosed with cancer and they’re; a weak immune system, a deficiency of oxygen in the cells, excess and acidity. The food that we eat regular causes three of these traits. The food we choose to eat is closely associated with cancer, regardless of where it appears within the body, faulty nourishment is the most important element in the development of all cancers.


While there have been huge progress in operation, there have been lots of new drugs and the ability to detect cancer has improved vastly. But unfortunately the only progress they have not made is that the survival rate of someone diagnosed with cancer. The reason being they are only addressing the cancer symptoms that’s the growths and not the reason it first climbed and that does not help a patient overcome the problem long term.

Our three mainstream treatments are toxic and damage the immune system. What the body is truly crying out for is to be treated with good nutrition and the right selection of food will do that. A healthy body is able to conquer cancer, even advanced cancer. The most effective healer we have is a properly functioning natural immune system and the only way to accomplish that would be to use our normal food as medicine.

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The human body has a remarkable disposition to conquer cancer during our built in immune system. The food that we eat everyday does create a good deal of sense but unfortunately it does not make a great deal of dollars. That’s why we will not be informed about any using food since our mainstream treatments now are all money orientated. The pure food for human beings is freshly grown vegetables and fruit, most have cancer fighting properties.

Recent studies have discovered food such as onions, tomatoes, green and vegetables and lots of fruits such as in their natural state have an awesome ability to strengthen the body allowing it to conquer cancer and other ailments. The food we’re eating today does not have these cancer fighting properties as we’re mainly eating food that has been processed.

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Using our normal food as medicine is applying common sense to the cancer issue. That’s addressing the reasons why it grew. It’s important to understand that cancer is a of the entire body, not just where the expansion appeared. That’s why it just reappears again after somebody has undergone any of the orthodox remedies. Cancer first appears due to a condition within the body so by simply removing growths, that does not eliminate the condition that caused these growths to arise. What’s required is healing of the entire body and great nutrition will do this. Treating cancer is a billion dollar a year company, where as there is no enormous gain in using food as your medication. The most effective weapon against cancer is the food we choose to eat regular.