There are many ways to administer . These include transdermal (through your ), injection, intranasal, microgranules underneath the skin and oral/buccal. There is no one way that is better than another, but many men choose the oral way by taking pills that boost testosterones.

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These are the details of the five available methods:

Topical (transdermal):

There are a variety of topical creams, liquids, gels, and patches. Topical medication usually lasts for four days. To avoid air or contact, they absorb more quickly if the bandage is kept on.

Apply patches, gels and creams on dry skin. Don’t wash the area until you are ready to reapply. After applying liquids, gels, or creams to your hands, wash them thoroughly. You must ensure that no one, particularly children and women, touches the . A topical patch has medicine on it. It will be necessary to apply the patch and keep it on until your next dose. The patch spreads more quickly than liquids, gels and creams.


You can choose from short-acting or long-acting testosterone injections. You can inject short-acting drugs under the skin or directly into the muscles. Long-acting drugs are typically administered in the . Every week, every two or three weeks, injections can be given.


This testosterone form comes in the form of a gel. Each nostril is administered the dose as directed. It is generally taken three times daily.


The testosterone microgranules will be placed under your skin at the buttocks and upper hip by your doctor. The doctor will apply a local and then place the microgranules under your skin. Depending on how many microgranules you have, the medication will slowly dissolve and be released within a few months. You can choose the dosage of testosterone that works for you.


The buccal dose includes a tablet or a pill. It’s the simplest one.

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