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Jay Middleton, 43 years old.

As i said, this is the real deal. I bought this from .com and i follow the animal pak closely. They recommended stacking this with stak for 2 cans and off with m stak, which i kept with stak and i gained like 20 lbs, went from 160 (which was a plateau) to 180. I was also doing their hellraiser workout routine (which made a huge difference in my gains).

Rhett Roy, 43 years old.

Man, what a rush. Bull take soft pebble, go Aarrroughfff!

Gordon Pace, 33 years old.
Strength increase noticeable, workout felt energized (even tossing out the red pill bc took this with pre workout), felt good. Will order again.
Herman Benitez, 22 years old.
I would recommend doing three weeks on, take a week or so off, and three weeks on. Im on my second cycle and am loving it. It took a few days to kick in. Im seeing strength gains and as i am getting stronger I am also leaning up. People say I look huge but I still weigh the same. Dont look at the scale, its all about body composition.

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Garret Moses, 24 years old.

Awesome product already feeling results thank you amazon. Going to stack with animal pak can’t wait. This is the start of a new beginning.

Bryan Obrien, 54 years old.
Complete, all-in-one test product that has been specially tweaked for maximum oral bioavailability. Is the ultimate in legal hypertrophic, pro-testosterone . Couples dynamic herbal extracts that facilitate a rise in testosterone with effective anti-estrogen compounds. Designed to enable physique recomposition and to support a healthy .
Ira James, 54 years old.
On day 4 and the effectiveness of this item is very tangible starting from day 1. Highly recommend it.
Bryon Steele, 36 years old.
I have always liked animal products after a month of taking this I can see my body responding. But a full dose was too much for me. I couldn’t focus. I found the white pill was the one causing me to literally shake. So I now don’t take the white pill and have actually halved the rest of the pills. That seems to be the right dose for my body.
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