A low libido means a decreased sexual desire. Psychological factors, such as , anxiety, or relationship problems, medications, and low testosterone levels are all likely causes.

Doctors may recommend counseling or a different medication depending on the cause.

The level of sexual desire (libido), varies from one person to the next. It can temporarily drop during times of anxiety or . As we age, our libido tends to decline gradually. An inability to libido increase can cause tension in the couple.

Sometimes, libido can drop for the rest of a man’s . Sometimes this can be due to traumatic sexual experiences or the inhibition of fantasies. This decline usually occurs after years of normal sexual desire. Sometimes, the reason is psychological factors like depression, anxiety, and problems in relationships. Low libido can be caused by chronic renal failure. Some medications, such as those that treat depression, anxiety, advanced prostate or other mental disorders can cause low testosterone levels and decrease libido.

Men who have less libido have less thoughts about , have less fantasies and have less sex. They don’t find sex interesting, even if they are sexually stimulated by sight, word, or touch. Low libido men may still be able to perform sexual acts and may continue to sex with their partner to satisfy them.

A blood test can determine the amount of testosterone in your blood. Low testosterone, also known as hypogonadism, can be diagnosed by examining the symptoms and blood tests.

A low libido treatment for men can be a testosterone supplementation.

If the problem is psychological, there are many psychotherapies such as behavioral therapy that can help. Counselling can be helpful for couples to deal with problems in their relationships. Men must also understand stress and its effects on their physical performance.

Low testosterone levels can be treated with testosterone supplementation. This can be done either by applying a gel or patch to the skin, or as an injection. These treatments had been to slightly increase your of stroke and attack. These results have not been confirmed by most studies. Testosterone supplementation should not be used if testosterone levels are low. Doctors may recommend another drug if low testosterone levels are caused by medication.

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