is among the most frightening diagnoses anyone could ever receive. Obviously, lifestyle and health consequences are a fantastic worry and, among other things, possibility of a shortened life and financial ruin are dreadful. Regrettably, chances of being cured is depressing as well since, despite a century of health research and billions of dollars spent to “find a cure,” the efforts of our best and brightest have seemingly been in vain.


Most types of cancer are still considered “incurable” by modern psychiatric . While surgery, radiation and chemotherapy may sometimes create a temporary decrease in tumor size, there’s little, if any, connection between that advancement and long-term survival. Almost always, after a period of “cancer-free” presence (“remission”), which might be shorter or longer, depending on the person’s lifestyle and exposure to cancer-causing components, the cancer may return in the exact same or possibly in another form.

The cancer may also be more competitive or more resistant to the agents and techniques previously utilised to push it back. What practitioners of allopathic (symptom-oriented) medication do not understand is that there are lots of natural, metabolic cancer treatments which have existed for decades, which have generated the same, if not better, results than the current medical system.

¿Lo sabías?

Although experts have spent countless on cancer research, and highly educated physicians equipped with a fancy assortment of shiny machines and a battery of expensive chemotherapy drugs, the success rate in america is just 2.10%. Considering the ruinous cost, appalling quality of life issues, harmful and potentially fatal side effects and unsatisfactory results, it hardly seems worthwhile to keep on using the very same procedures of treatment.

Why are the promising results shown by natural healing processes being ignored? Is it that these results are just not profitable? Dr. Max Gerson’s research showed that you should rebuild and reboot your to empower your body’s natural defenses to return to the job of repairing damage and removing disease. You see, cancer isn’t a foreign invader! You don’t get it by touching a doorknob with cancer on it, and then rubbing your eye or scratching your nose.

Cancer cells

These happen naturally, and your immune system searches down these cells, destroys them and replaces them with a stem cell. When your immune system breaks down and loses its defensive capabilities, cancer cells grow out of control, bringing about fatal results. Doesn’t it make logical sense , should you turn your immune system back on and get it working again, your own natural defense mechanisms will look after the cancer? Yes, it sure does! Enter the Gerson Therapy. In reaction to his own crippling migraine headaches, young Dr. Max Gerson started searching for something-anything-that would give him relief.

He tried everything he learned in medical school and lots of distinct sorts of treatment. He sought guidance from his medical school professors and other physicians, all to no avail. Eventually, Dr. Gerson came across an old medical text, which indicated a salt-free, vegetarian diet could rid him of his frustrations; indeed, it eventually provided him with some relief. With study, Dr. Gerson perfected his migraine diet and started using it to treat patients. Some of the migraine patients, who by chance also had , found that the diet worked to heal that too. Later, Dr. Gerson gets approached by a woman with cancer, convinced to some limitation his diet treatment would help her also, and she persuaded him to take her as a patient.

Nota final

After the girl got cured, Dr. Gerson understood that the diet treatment wasn’t treating a particular disease but rather restoring the immune system, allowing the body’s natural defenses to return it to health. Today, the Gerson Therapy is perhaps the oldest, best-documented and most effective of the alternative therapies in life. Through study, Dr. Gerson came to understand that combination of deficiency and chemical toxicity gradually degrades the immune system, prohibiting its ability to defend the body against disease. He also reasoned that if toxicity and nutrient deficiency enabled disease, then flood the body with nutrients and ridding it of toxins would fix the immune system by restoring the damaged parts. Over time, Dr. Gerson proved his theory. Providing the body with high levels of available , vitamins, nutrients and vital living enzymes, together with liver detoxification, eliminate accumulated toxins and fix the immune system. With the body’s natural defenses back in full working order, disease is reversed and prevented.