How difficult is it to lose weight? It all depends on whether or not you make dietary errors and what weight program you have. Find out our tips to help you tip the scales in a positive direction.

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To lose some weight, take some good habits

Stop snacking

Start with a satisfying and substantial breakfast. This includes wholemeal or old-fashioned bread (neither sandwich bread nor white bread), cottage cheese or yoghurt with 3% fat, eggs, ham, and unsweetened drinks.

You should not be content with just one dish at noon. Bring a dairy product or a fruit to complement your meal. To keep your energy levels up, every meal should contain protein (meat/fish/eggs, and/or milk products), fibers, (raw vegetables and cooked vegetables, fruits), as well as complex carbohydrates (bread, rice, and dried vegetables). Even if you have to delay meals for an hour or so, don’t skip meals.

If you plan snacking in the afternoon or in the morning, depending on your mealtimes and rhythm, alternate fruit, milk products, bread, fresh cheese, and cornflakes with semi-skimmed or skimmed milk.

This is a bad habit that you should be able to get rid of. If you can’t get rid of this habit, try ultra-light snacks like tomatoes, vegetable sticks and diced fruits with little sugar such as strawberries or watermelon.

Reduce alcohol intake and sugary drinks 

Liquid calories can be dangerous because they don’t nourish you. You can drink as much , wine, or soda as you like, regardless of whether you are drinking them. A small glass of wine (100ml) is worth 70kcal; a can of soda (325 ml), 140 kcal; and a mixed drink of strong alcohol/sweet drinks (200ml), 175kcal.

Avoid alcohol and sweetened drinks, such as , if you drink regularly. Instead, limit your consumption to social occasions, such as family gatherings or special meals with friends. You can substitute sparkling water, unsweetened flavor water, sodas, and other diet beverages for your day-to-day water intake.

Cook at home and succeed with your diet

You can eat less fat and when you prepare your own meals. This won’t cause you to lose weight but will help you eat healthier. Commercial dishes are high in fat and have 9 kcal per kilogram of energy. Carbohydrates (sugars) only have 4 kcal. There are many healthy options available for those who don’t like cooking or are short on time. These include frozen plain vegetables, pre-cooked frozen vegetables and frozen plain vegetable purees.

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Eat less sugar

Sweet foods are a must-have in a meal. Sweet foods like ice cream, pastries, and cookies can be very fatty. They are also very energy-intensive (220 kcal per cone; 400 to 450 calories per 100g cookies). It is best to reduce their consumption frequency, such as 2 to 3 times per week during social meals. Then, replace them with more energy-rich foods, such as good fruit or low-fat dairy desserts like mousses and cream desserts.

Be proud of your ideal weight

Your goals are too lofty? It’s very hard to achieve, and even more difficult to maintain, a weight you haven’t weighed before or that you weighed over 10 years ago, or when you ate too little (e.g. during a depression phase).

You shouldn’t restrict yourself too much, or you risk developing deficiencies. To improve your figure, it is best to engage in a sport every day.

It is legal to lose a few kilos if your BMI is higher than 25. A dietician can help you avoid a restrictive or unbalanced diet. This is your chance to get a medical check-up that will confirm there are no medical reasons for excess weight.