It is usual to gain a few more kilos after the holidays… These are some quick tips to lose weight after the holidays.

Get rid of your guilt

To lose weight, the first tip is to get rid of all your guilt. If you have eaten more than you usually do, it is likely that you are guilty of overindulging yourself. It doesn’t matter how it looks on your scales. You will lose the extra kilos if you return to your healthy habits. It is important not to lose sight of your and to get back on the right track immediately.

Regain a balanced diet

It is important to eat a balanced diet in order to lose weight from the celebrations. You can make the day lighter by avoiding starchy foods at lunch or dinner the day after the holiday meal. This does not mean you have to delay. You can resume your normal diet after this day and not miss any meals.

Also you can reduce your consumption of sugar and fats, especially if you ate a lot during the holidays. Always prefer fruits and vegetables, , lean meats and fish. And eliminate alcohol and sugary beverages.

You indulged in wine and champagne during the festive season. You can now put down the champagne and sugary drinks. They only contain sugar and don’t have any nutritional value.

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Get moving

Due to the holiday feasts, cold weather, and family visits, it was difficult to find the time or to exercise during the holidays. After the holidays are over, there is no reason to not go to the gym or run your morning miles. It’s easy to get rid of holiday excesses and get by getting back into your regular exercise routine or just starting to. Start slowly by walking more and using the stairs instead.

Keep well hydrated

You will need to reduce your intake of alcohol and sugary drinks. It is important to drink more water, as you may have neglected it during the holidays. Hydration is essential to eliminate toxins, decrease , and improve overall health.

Infusions can be used to detoxify the liver.

Get enough

It’s possible that you have been partying until the early hours and are now feeling fatigued. To recover, get a good night of sleep. You will be able to reduce snacking and your cravings for sugary or faty foods by getting enough sleep.

To get back in peak shape, it is important to take a break from this hectic period.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gained a few extra pounds. These tips will help you lose weight and make you feel great about your body.