Ein Verbraucher hat die Wahl, welche Art von Exposition, wie viel oder gar keine. Aber ist die Arbeit in einem salon increase the odds of skin ? What vulnerability could you be getting to potential cancer-causing UV rays? It’s usually presumed that as a tanning salon employee you’ll receive exposure to the fluorescent lighting UV rays from demonstrating use to a client, or merely in momentary help.

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Because your exposure is continuous, and continuing, it might be safe simply to assume that your risk for skin cancer is greater, and you would like to boost your immune system in every way possible. The United Kingdom has already passed laws prohibiting the use of tanning salons to anyone under 18 years old. The State of New York has introduced laws requiring parental consent for the use of tanning beds for anybody between the ages of two and eighteen. So clearly concern is growing.

Was die Experten über Hautkrebs wissen, ist, dass eine hohe Exposition gegenüber der Sonne oder Solarien vor dem dreißigsten Lebensjahr die Wahrscheinlichkeit von Melanomen erhöht. Und eine übermäßige Exposition gegenüber ultravioletten Strahlen führt zu vorzeitiger Faltenbildung und Alterung der Haut. Dennoch ist Krebs, zumindest theoretisch, eine systemische Erkrankung des Immunsystems.


Supposedly, if your immune system is functioning, the dangers of any type of cancer is diminished. So you’re tempting fate and pointing to your skin for a candidate for cell overgrowth if you’re going through continuous exposure to UV rays with no special care to your general health. The endocrine glands secrete hormones that travel through the bloodstream and take part in the many functions of each cell in your body. Including growth factors, and toxic waste elimination factors, each of which can lead to cancers when the regulation becomes disrupted by something.

Stress, both as a 1 time shock, or chronic and daily, is a prime disruptor of the finely tuned endocrine factories, controlled by your mind. Food additives, drugs, alcohol, sugars, fat deficiencies or imbalances, all disrupt the endocrine system. The pituitary gland is regarded as the master gland, and its actions affect the of the glands. It regulates metabolism, your nervous system and your skin (one of a hundred other actions ). aktiviert diese Drüse, und die Dunkelheit beruhigt sie.

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Die Zirbeldrüse hat eine ganz bestimmte, wichtige Funktion: Sie sondert Melatonin ab. Melatonin ist eines der stärksten körpereigenen Die Schilddrüse ist für die Vorbeugung von Krebserkrankungen unerlässlich. Die Schilddrüse reguliert auch den Stoffwechsel und das Immunsystem. Außerdem reguliert sie die Fortpflanzungsdrüsen. Wenn diese Drüsen nicht richtig funktionieren, ist auch die Schilddrüse über- oder unterfunktioniert und muss korrigiert werden. Die Website Drüse sondert Hormone ab, die wie Antibiotika wirken und die Schädigung eindringender Krankheitserreger auslösen. Ein Zinkmangel führt zur Schließung dieser wichtigen Drüse.

Radiation will ruin the thymus gland. Yet, it can be treated with natural medications. Volumes of information have been written about the endocrine system and I mention it just to present the notion it may get off kilter very readily. Yet, it may also stay very healthy with appropriate nutrition. Primarily, healthy oils, supplying enough omega 3 fatty acids to balance the continuous consumption of omega 6 oils from grains and grain fed animals. So you’re working at a tanning salon and are always exposed to UVA radiation. But you can compensate for the fact that this maybe increases your risk of skin cancer. You will find tips to staying healthy despite this. Natural whole are easily incorporated into your meal plans.