Erectile dysfunction, or male impotence, was once a stigmatizing disease that was hard to discuss with a doctor. However, it has become much easier to discuss the topic since the introduction of certain treatments. These medications have had a profound impact on the lives of many thousands. It is important to be cautious with their use.

Men of all ages can experience “breakdowns” from , stress, or other issues with their partner. Erectile dysfunction is not the exact meaning of these occasional “blackouts”. Erectile dysfunction can only be diagnosed if erections are persistently unstable or absent during sexual intercourse. The dysfunction must also last more than three months.

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What are the symptoms of erecile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. It is the inability to erect or maintain a sexual erection. Erectile dysfunction can cause a significant change in your quality of life. Erectile dysfunction can happen at any age but it increases with age. High , high , and depression are the main factors.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction.

Psychological reasons:  Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by depression, relationships problems, or a low self-image. Talking to your partner or doctor, a sexologist, a psychotherapist, or your doctor can help you to get out of this rut. Men who have had a heart attack may fear that sexual arousal could cause another one. This fear can manifest as impotence.

Prostate surgery: Erectile dysfunction may occur in some patients who have had prostate surgery (prostatectomy). These cases are becoming less common as surgery is improving.

Another disease: Erectile dysfunction can sometimes be associated with conditions such as , high blood pressure, or atherosclerosis. Impotence is most common in over-50 men with diabetes. Sometimes, hormonal disorders, such as a drop of testosterone, can cause impotence.

and drinking alcohol: Both smoking and alcohol can decrease sexual ability.

Medications: Many medications can affect the ability to erect or have an orgasm. The most common medications that can interfere with erection or orgasm are those that are prescribed for high blood pressure or cholesterol, heart disease, depression, , Parkinson’s disease, prostate problems, and diuretics. You can’t stop taking your medications on your own and expect to get stronger. Ask your doctor if erectile dysfunction occurs within a few days or even weeks of starting a new medication. Your doctor may be able change the medication, prescribe another medication, or give lifestyle advice to improve your situation. Sometimes, a side effect of erectile dysfunction can also be prescribed.

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