is an activity that allows the individual to still the . There are various sorts of meditation practices. All the practices nevertheless promote psychological well-being, calm the mind, help in the healing process, and alleviate anxiety. Mindfulness involves clearing your head and having concentrated focus on a single point. It helps the practitioner to be completely present in the moment without being distracted by other things going around.

Did you know?

The garbage accumulated every day in our family can cause disease and stink if not disposed off frequently; the garbage in the kind of negative ideas invades a individual daily. On an average a human being is bombarded with 60,000 ideas in 24 hours, bulk of these thoughts are negative. If the mind isn’t drained of all this crap from the kind of negative ideas daily then we could end up being stressed resulting in depression and anxiety. Medical science has also proved that the origin of a vast majority of chronic diseases is .

This sort of mindfulness is an easy and effective method to alleviate you of unwanted ideas and bring you to the present moment awareness. It’s strongly recommended that the exercise should be carried out daily for 10 to 15 minutes. The exercise is done by sitting cross-legged with the back leaning against a wall or in an upright position; the mind ought to be relaxed and slightly tilted but not slumped.

What to do?

Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing. Take 3 deep breaths in and slowly exhale. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Make the breathing easy, deep and slow, completely filling your lower abdomen and chest like filling a balloon with air. Visualize a beam of white light entering your body with every breath in and envision grey smoke leaving your body with each breath out. The white light symbolizes positive energy entering your body and the gray smoke represents negative energy such as anxiety and anxiety leaving your body.

After the 3 deep breaths resort to regular breathing and bring your focus to the top of your head. Imagine a wave of consciousness entering your crown and travelling down your mind, your forehead, lips, eyes, mouth and jaws. Let this wave of consciousness pass all on your head region, relaxing all the muscles and cells along. Bring this consciousness to your neck, relaxing all the muscles and ligaments in your neck region as it moves down.

Let’s see…

Let this awareness traveling your shoulders down to your arms, forearms, hands and fingers, relaxing all of the body parts. This wave of consciousness then travels down your spinal cord, relaxing all the muscles and bones as it melts. It then enters your torso, the upper abdomen and the lower abdomen, relaxing all the muscles and ligaments in your upper body. Visualize this sensation on your buttocks down your thighs, calves and feet systematically relaxing all of your lower body parts.

Now that your entire body is relaxed another step involves relaxing your mind. To unwind your mind, imagine a place of solitude and . It may be a beach, a forest or a mountain top. Utilize all of your senses in imagining that area of peace and calm. If it’s a shore, imagine the blue waters of the sea, the pleasant wind blowing, the flight of the sea gulls and the noise of the waves crashing against the sand.


Make the image as detailed and vibrant as possible like you’re reliving that moment. After you’ve created that perfect environment in your mind’s eye, remain in that location for a few minutes. This will slowly calm your mind and relieve you of residual strain and pressure. It is possible to commence the activity when you feel you’ve attained the desired state and then slowly open your eyes and bring yourself to ordinary conscious awareness.