is a thick, milky fluid secreted by the mammary glands until genuine is produced for your . Colostrum is produced in the previous stage of pregnancy. Colostrum is absorbed in its first or artificial form as a result of its various health benefits.


It is meant to protect the new born from infections. It creates a shield around the gut of the child. Colostrum is filled with antibodies and effective growth factors. Colostrum also produces a laxative effect in the newborn. This helps in reducing the odds of jaundice in the new born baby. Studies have found out that colostrum can combat many ailments. It’s also effective against digestive disorders.

In the human body a gland called thymus holds the key to the production of white blood cells and T cells that fight against . It’s found in the upper chest. As an individual ages this gland shrinks into the 1 tenth of its actual size due to toxins and other nutrient deficiencies. With the regular consumption of colostrum, it is possible for the gland to return to its original size.

Immune system

This will increase the immune system of the body. Since the new born baby cannot ingestion any other meals, colostrum is naturally rich in all of the nutrients. Besides, studies have shown that colostrum can help in enhancing the absorption of nutrients in the body. This contributes to healthier bones, younger looking skin and increased levels.

Colostrum is also full of , calcium, fat soluble vitamins, minerals, proteins and anti bodies. The various components of colostrum have various effects. Lactoferrin present in colostrum contains antibacterial and antiviral and antifungal properties. It protects the intestinal epithelium, promotes growth and helps in the acceleration of the of the functioning of the immune system.

Final note

The polypeptides assist in T cell maturation. Additionally, it assists in the inhibition of autoimmune disorders in which the immune system of the body attacks itself. These peptides subsides an overactive immune system and mobilize an under active immune system. Colostrum also has high levels of immunoglobulin which enables the body to resist diseases. The retinoic acid found in colostrum destroys viruses and stimulates healing. Lactobacillus bifidus acidophilus assist in boosting the growth of bacteria beneficial to your system. Interferon within colostrum inhibits viral action. Colostrum was hailed as a wonder supplement. It’s best for you to seek medical advice prior to using it.