A new concept to combat addition appears to be making progress recently. Substituted synthetic drugs, which mimic the effects of hard core drugs but excite the and trick it into thinking it’s covered the need for a repair. There have been many such drugs before, but the brand new drugs utilizing this battle strategy on the war on drugs are blazing a path in innovative .

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It might be another big win for the pharmaceutical sector also. Sales of these drugs are called to skyrocket in the future as the war on drugs continues. One such medication, a new vaccine could treat issues with drug abuse, as clinical trials are nearly complete in Europe.

Cantab Pharmaceuticals has the merchandise they call Xenova. Originally this item was created by ImmuLogic a startup in Waltham, MA, which sold their rights to the medication. The FDA appears to have a little tougher time choosing acceptance than our round the pond counter part bureaus. In america the new sensors and technologies are helping authorities find an increasing number of drug smugglers and the crack down on gangs is helping capture more users and dealers.


As these folks are captured, rehabilitation for drug users will become of even greater concern as the rehabilitation success rates are in the low 20 percentiles. The idea behind Xenova is intriguing and it takes the new concept of replacement synthetic drugs one step farther. The vaccine is to overcome the fact that cocaine molecules are too small to be recognized by the immune system, so it couples a slightly modified form of the medication to a protein.


The protein is named -b sub unit. This is filed by the immune system as a foreign material. It’s believed that the identical drug may work on any “ine” drugs too such as; , and morphine addictions. If not such a methodology seems to have no scientific conclusion to it and maybe we can rid most people of drug abuse issues. The future seems bright for such pharmaceuticals in the future, we will see how well this works.