After a lot of partying and party with excess alcohol and food, our body requires for . The best way to do this is to eat or . There’s absolutely no food healthier than a juicy apple or an orange full of rich and chemicals. They are beneficial for the organism and we must try to use these foods to cleanse our digestive tract.


The fundamental job of the digestive tract is to assimilate the nutrients that give us food. The overload of alcohol and fats start to damage the organs which are responsible for metabolism, and pancreas – that have worked in excess creating distress. The expected response that occurs after a week full of partying is the liver, pancreas and stomach swell up. To restore the operation of these organs we’d need to reduce our consumption of fats and alcohol.

Now, to receive our digestive system back in activity is not an impossible task but it’s a difficult one. We must get on our feet and recover that wholesome . It’s required to run a soft diet that’s a restrictive diet with high fat foods which are purifying to recuperate. As a foundation we should keep our fruits as important vitamins to revive our digestive system.

Take note

Among the most essential vitamins we will need to incorporate into our diet is vitamin C that strengthens our immune system. We must remember that vitamin C is an antioxidant which can help protect our cells from oxidative stress due to oxidation of fats. For example, the vitamin functions in thousands of metabolic processes, which will help maintain body tissues in optimum condition. Another ally for our digestive tract is that the found in citrus fruits.

The characteristic of the group of vitamins is they help assimilate nutrients and stop overworking the organs, so a glass of orange juice in the morning would be great. Apart from these vitamins, fruits have soluble and insoluble fiber which enables the turnover of the intestinal that eliminates dirt waste generated from the intestines, toxins which could be there after a few days of partying and is extremely important to avoid constipation.

Final note

Also bear in mind that eating fruit is very beneficial to rehydrate your body after consuming alcohol as they have a high liquid content. Knowing the reason why we should be implementing fruit in our daily diet is very important to replenish our digestive tract. The recommendation is to attempt and eat 2 to 4 servings of fruit every day. It’s ideal to drink natural fruit juices like , citrus, kiwi or apple when attempting to detoxify the body.