Since I have suffered from migraines for years, I have to be careful about what I do and don’t do to avoid an attack. If I’m in a meeting, I must sit with my back against the window to avoid an attack from the sun. Because I drink alcohol, I am teetotal. It’s worse in summer when it’s hot and the sun is very bright. Yesterday evening, we went on a long walk together with the dog. I was fine for the first hour. We started with the sun in front of our eyes and I knew within minutes that we were in for an attack.


My head hurt, my eyes hurt, my chest felt tight, and I was sensitive towards smells by the time I got home. Nevertheless, I made dinner. When I get a , I would rather just sit down, ignore everyone, and go to sleep. I get migraines so often that I feel like I should just be a recluse. My prescription migraine tablets are a blessing. These little evil things can increase your of and heart attack. The side-effects can be quite severe.

However, they do stop an attack if taken soon after the attack starts. I took a tablet and continued my evening. The tablet takes longer to work if the is severe. I also feel a strong craving for sweets. It’s difficult to explain, my body almost cries for it. Marc made me toast with jam because Marc and I don’t like sweets or . I felt much better within 5 minutes.

However, this is not a great way to lose . It’s another reason I don’t seem to be losing weight, despite eating well and exercising regularly. I have visited the doctor numerous times to learn what I can do to treat my migraines. Needless to state, all they offer is more tablets. I was actually referred to a headache specialist some time ago. It was great! Someone finally cares about me. I came in with high hopes and a long list triggers, but the specialist was not interested.

He suggested that I take a high dose beta blockers daily, a tablet that reduces blood and has been shown to be effective for migraine sufferers. The specialist didn’t seem concerned that beta blockers shouldn’t be prescribed for women under the age of 18. This is something I’m still baffled by. I decided to throw the prescription out and cancel my follow-up appointment.