In my last articles I pointed out the fatal flaws of the present ruling ; the paradigm of materialism rooted in dualistic thinking. Materialism not only fails to explain many essential aspects of our reality, but its logical arrangement fails. Materialism also fails by internal ; thing, considered basic by materialism, is convertible into and energy into matter.

Let’s understand it

Nuclear power and particle accelerators do this conversion each day, without uncertainty. If matter were truly basic, the ultimate foundation of all existence, this conversion couldn’t happen. CFP of matter/energy must by definition be more basic than matter or energy. Matter and energy are the other sides of a more basic CFP, whatever it might be. The ability of illusionary belief is immense; mainstream science is constrained by untrue belief, by illusion.

The dogmas of materialist science are rooted in illusion; no signs demonstrating the collapse of the prevailing paradigm or illusion is analyzed or even confessed to exist. The taboo against such analysis is too strong for all but a couple of mavericks who investigate reality notwithstanding mainstream dogma.

Illusion factor

History is full of examples of the power of illusion; if the illusion that the Earth is flat prevailed, voyagers were reluctant to travel out to sea because they would’drop off the edge’. Looking at the evidence was banned by taboo. Looking and seeing could have been an admission that their beliefs, aka illusions, were incorrect. Eventually all illusion is shattered; after the illusion of a flat ground vanished, sailors crossed the seas with no of’falling off the edge’. Once the illusion that the Earth is at the center of the world disappeared, science and cosmology improved without hindrance.

The biggest illusion of all is that the illusion of power. Specifically, real power is conflated with lots of power. The US military is potentially the most effective in the world. The destructive power inherent in the myriad firearms, bullets, rockets, and bombs that this army orders is beyond doubt. The illusion can be found in the belief that one person, the Commander in Chief, controls this dreadful power. The illusion is that hundreds of thousands of people acts at the whim of one individual; the’chain of command’ represents actual power.

Control factor

The chain of control is an illusion, and has electricity only if and so long as the illusion stays intact. Mutinies, army stand-downs, revolutions, civil wars are examples of shattered illusion. Once shattered, illusion loses power. Such is the destiny of all illusion, even though extraordinary efforts are made by TPTB to keep an illusion. Communism were upheld, in the of death. At this moment in history we’re witnessing the destruction and impending breakup of the ability of a significant illusion.

Ebola is a horrific affliction but it brings another illusion to the forefront. If Ebola goes ‘viral’, the illusion of the ability of mainstream medicine will be shattered in a wondrous pace. In a recent interview, an American physician gave off the illusion, by pointing to its own heart. Another American physician, just back from Sierra Leone, has proven that Ebola can be treated by a simple technique of blood therapy using ozone. The ozonation of blood eliminates the Ebola virus, and helps to modulate the immune system.

Immune system

Immune system over response to viral invasion appears to be the proximate cause of death and symptoms; Ebola is an autoimmune disorder. Ozone is dirt cheap, vaccines are rewarding. But this ‘license to practice’ is only a piece of paper. Who cares about a sheet of paper if horrible, immanent death threatens? Despite the fact that many doctors still obeyothers are prepared to shatter the paradigm regardless of threats by ‘TPTB’. The danger of death by Ebola is more powerful than the danger of losing the piece of paper.

Real power is in the capability to cure, not at the bit of paper. As the truth emerges that a cheap, safe, simple method to heal the terror of Ebola is present, and that some physicians use this procedure to save lives, the power of truth will readily overcome illusion. The ability of the medical institution will shatter and scatter like chaff in the wind. This brings us full circle to the most insidious, destructive illusion of allthe illusion that Government issued paper with numbers printed on it’s money. This pernicious illusion underlies the capacity to control and manipulate the world economy to the benefit of the perpetrators, at the expense of the of humanity, the sufferers. Once the illusion of the’faith and credit’ that supposedly backs Fiat currencies is destroyed, a new age of genuine money will emerge. Real money, Goldnot newspaper notes borrowed into existence without limitation. Truth will replace the illusion and lies of Fiat.