More people are realizing the importance of good health and maintaining it. The obesity epidemic is affecting all ages, including children and women. On the other end of the tracks are those who want to gain weight, bulk up, and put on some or all of their muscle. We are seeing an increase in ‘Vogue’ diets and ‘Hollywood” weight reduction programs. There is also fanatical, Arnold-like, muscle creation programs. This is the most impeding factor in the corridor to better health, , and improved nutrition. My goal is to provide a guiding light that will help you navigate through the vast amount of information and get you safely to your destination.

Personal Goals

It is important to realize that each person’s goal will be unique and specific. There is no one all-powerful for fat loss that works for everyone. And there is no universal gym program that will make you look muscular. If a person is trying to build muscle mass or bulk up, their approach to eating and is often very different from someone who is trying to lose weight or slim down. Although you may think that all of those sites and all the data are wonderful, we live in an information age where anyone can create a website or post an article.

Many of the information available online is incorrect. I have also found a lot of information that I believe can be harmful or detrimental to my health and well-being. You may be asking yourself “Well, then, what am I expected to do if i want to learn about diet, fat reduction, or muscle building?” I have researched, tested, and compared many of the most popular diet, weight loss, and muscle building products, guides, and programs currently available online.


You will not only get the latest information and research on the most important health and fitness issues, but you will also learn the best in the worlds of weight loss, muscle building, and dieting. I hope you will find my writing style and wit amusing as I educate you. This is a serious issue that I hold dearly, but I believe it is important to have fun while learning. I believe smiling and laughing can do wonderful things for your body as well as your . I am extremely proud to be a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Because of this pride, and the passion I have about nutrition and fitness, I make it a point of staying up to date with nutrition, wellness and fitness. You will find many great articles on this website that cover everything from supplementation to physical activities. You will find new and important information regularly added to this website because of my thirst for knowledge. Please make it a priority that you check back often.


Remember that knowledge is power. The word diet is one of the first words that pops up in someone’s head when they are trying to lose weight or burn fat. This word is not something I love. Because people associate it with something that has a fixed beginning date and a certain end date, I dislike this word. I don’t like to be the one who messes with the party, but if you want to live a long and healthy life, you must start thinking about the changes you will make over the long-term.

For a moment, think about this: Are you going to stop going to the gym because the same exercises are getting boring? Or do you think it makes more sense for you to learn the science behind what you are doing so you can easily variety to your routine and maintain it over the long-term. Once you can fit into that particular outfit or feel comfortable in those jeans, will you consider your “fat loss” program a success only to go back to the same old routines that brought you to this point? Or will you learn the basics of nutrition so you can start to put the right ‘fuel’ into you body.

Short-Term Goals

It is not enough to achieve your short-term goals. It is more important that you can sustain the results over time and that your knowledge and skills are continually developed. This incredible journey can only begin if you are willing to be a student, to get as much education as possible, and to make the necessary changes to succeed. As this website grows, more relevant information will be added. I am certain you will find all the information you need to lose weight, build muscle mass, and/or .

My way of sharing all the valuable and excellent education I have received over the years and continue to acquire is to be a Certified Personal Trainer. Lack of education is the root of many of today’s weight loss, dieting, and muscle building problems. My goal is to provide a free resource that anyone can access, regardless of their gender, age, or . I don’t just want to instruct, I also hope to be able to inspire and encourage.