Let’s run through some fascinating facts about this Garnet Gemstone that you may not know about. They are frequently found in colors like green, black or perhaps even colorless. A rainbow of colours form the garnet, but it’s with a deep red color that people most often associate the garnet gemstone. And that’s mainly because red is the most common colour for garnets used in jewelry!


These are all mined underground, but garnets aren’t! It’s surprising to note that garnets are found as little pebbles in streams! When the metamorphic rocks which contain them wither away, these pebbles come to fore. Garnets are found in Australia, the Americas and India. In early times, the warriors believed that garnets would guarantee victory in their own endeavors.

Garnet has always been known and recognized as a stone of friendship and . It’s perfect gift for friends and fans. In particular, it’s auspicious to present a Garnet on 2nd and 6th anniversaries. Way back in 3100 BC, the Garnet gemstone was used by the Egyptians for their decorations and carvings. The gemstone was regarded as a sign of life. Ancient garnet jewelry dating back to the Bronze Age is occasionally found by archeologists.

Did you know?

Garnet has often been regarded as the jewel of faith. It’s believed that in the event you wear garnet and do good, good will come to you. Garnets are normally formed as a combination of silicates. They are quite difficult and while employed as a gemstone, these are used for industrial purposes also. Only pure garnets are used as gemstones. Structures of the garnet are isometric, rhombic and dodecahedron. Garnet is the birthstone of those born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

The Garnet Gemstone is connected with all the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Leo and Virgo, and the planet Mars. Garnet is the stone that the world loves! Despite the fact that the garnet is reddish in more instances than not, it may be seen in many different colors, with each color as an implement of the chemical makeup. Probably the best thing about Garnet is it is a rock of regeneration and re energizing. The energy of the whole system is reenergized.

With its stabilizing properties, garnet brings order to chaos. In early times, not just its decorative value, but curative powers and protective energies made garnet priceless. Alternatively, the garnet stone is also known for its creative forces. But in nature, Garnet is a stone of erotica, passion and love too. In one’s earthly incarnation, one likes sensuality, sexuality and intimacy, all in a balanced manner.


Garnet signifies a strength that’s primordial, possessed with the ability to create from chaos, purely from the use of purification and love. It may be surprising to know more about the origins of the term garnet. The roots lie in the Latin term granatum, meaning . Garnets are found in varying sizes. The dimensions could be as little as grain of a sand grain, or it might be as big as an apple. Garnets definitely have a extensive history associated with themselves. They were used back in the Bronze Age in present day Slovakia, as well as five millennia back in Egypt.

TREMENDOUS PHYSICAL HEALING ENERGIES OF A GARNET! There are a range of conditions that wearing a Garnet gemstone could cure. So much so, that the garnet gemstone is also sometimes known as the rock of health. Some of the health conditions include acid reflux, ADHD, anemia and all ailments connected with the blood. With a better assimilation of minerals and vitamins in the body, the bone health is improved. If toxicity has come across as a problem, nothing works better than a garnet to let you overcome the same.


Alternately the garnet stone is known to raise the metabolism and regenerate the body. The wearer is then permitted to overcome spinal and mobile disorders, and the rock even eases blood purification. It’s even believed that if a person is ailing with reduced libido or libido associated problems, the garnet gemstone works the best for him. And the bead even works towards relieving a state like . The gemstone has been reported to relieve arthritic pain. It’s very good for boosting fertility, cardiac ailments and the immune system.

Physical wellness is fostered, complexion improves and the backbone functions better also. For curing a problem on a psychological plane, garnet delivers a vitality that’s stable and calming. One finds a protective effect by adorning a garnet. If bad dreams or depression have come across as a problem, a garnet stone could work really nicely in this respect too. With the garnet stone, energy systems equilibrium and the mindset is uplifted. In actuality, the gemstone garnet is regarded as a lucky stone. It’s lucky for love, blessed for success and blessed for .

Should you decide to decorate a garnet, your positivity would improve, and so would your popularity. This would boost your self esteem, and success in is guaranteed to follow. While the Garnet bead functions primarily for the root , it works well for the chakra also.


As chakra energies are balanced, refined and aligned, one is permitted to overcome negative energies also. Chakras are cleansed and reenergized on adorning a garnet. With a greater awareness of a , the bead brings about calmness or fire, whichever is required. Love and loyalty come to fore, as sex drive accounts and one overcomes emotional disharmony. One achieves higher levels of consciousness with the garnet gemstone. Specifically, the garnet gemstone works well for the foundation and crown chakra. But garnet can also be a root chakra stone, and as resulting from the same, garnet appears to be the perfect gemstone for reflection of dreams in reality. So that the gemstone brings about prosperity and prosperity. The gemstone augurs well for success in business.

The wearer is permitted to be self confident and motivated. Creativity is fostered, and one finds one’s purpose in life. Garnet simply changes how you perceive. If there’s an ingrained pattern that no longer works to your benefit, you can defeat the same using a garnet. Similarly by adorning a garnet gemstone, one is permitted to overcome ideas that are obsolete. Inhibitions and taboos are overcome using a garnet gemstone, as the heart opens up and self assurance comes to fore. Ever since old times, the garnet gemstone was known and recognized as the stone of devotion. One builds a deeper sense of commitment to a purpose, and to oneself and others.

It’s thought that the garnet bead is the perfect way to overcome bad Karma, in order to cause a greater awareness of peace in this life. Around the physical body, emotional body and the body, the energy fields are balanced. With positive ideas that are triggered in the upon adorning a garnet, the bead allows you to get over depression. The user is permitted to get over emergency and trauma. One is treated softly on the spiritual plane and instinct too is enhanced. The wearer builds inner strength with time. There are many ways to find one’s birthstone. Finding one’s birthstone by one’s month of birth or from one’s zodiac sign is only two of these. Garnet is the birthstone for those born in the month of January. It’s also the birthstone for people born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius.