Transfer Factor (TF) is deemed to a modern day miracle discovery. These immune molecules instructs the body’s immune defense system about a current or potential threat and equips it with an agenda for action. Transfer Factor isn’t a vitamin, or a herb, but a molecule which forms the you ’s intelligence network by keeping information about previous immune system experiences with , viruses, and such.

Immune system

These compounds provide your immune system using the information it needs to identify a problem, balance your body’s reaction and accelerate positive immune function. In 1998, a company who I can’t name here patented the special process of isolating and extracting the TF molecule from and avian sources. Transfer Factor Advanced Tri-Factor formula has been clinically proven to elevate the action of the immune system by 437%. Your immune system is based on information.

Specifically, it must know (1) that there is a issue and (2) the way to deal with this. The communication molecules of Tri-Factor Formula maintain your it informed and prepared to react. These compounds help your immune system act fast, maintaining your body’s immune system in fighting shape and instructs your immune system; it monitors the invaders you have encountered in the past and the way your system dealt with them. Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence found that when you move blood to another individual, a number of the donor’s immunity is transferred to the receiving individual.

Take into account

From this discovery, study started its journey through the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Scientists believed they had discovered that supreme immune system and health enhancer. They believed that TF are the greatest . As technology improved, more and more was learned about the benefits of transfer factors. More than 3000 research were conducted and $40 million (USA) was invested into research. Scientists from over 60 countries were involved in this research.

Two developments stopped this advancement. First was the development of antibiotics. Antibiotics were inexpensive to fabricate. They were effective. Antibiotics took the show.Another growth was that the of the planet’s blood supply by HIV and . Up until this moment, the only known source of transport factors was derived from blood. These scientists discovered the cows did the exact same thing. Often calves won’t endure if for some reason they don’t obtain the colostrum from the mother.


Research started to move ahead. Antibiotics still reigned as king in the medical world. Many scientists who worked with transfer factors derived from blood did not think transfer factors from colostrum would operate, so that they did not enter the research.Three events in history changed all this. First, technology advanced. Secondly, germs started to become resistant to antibiotics.

Now research is exploding! Every year and at times each month, something new is found about the effectiveness and functions of transport factors. Scientists discovered that eggs comprised transfer factors and the combination of both increases their efficacy by 185%. Transfer factors from colostrum and eggs have been discovered to be really superior to transport variables from people because animals are exposed to many more species of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Animals live in the wild while people attempt to keep sterile. Animal TF have countless years of more vulnerability creating a more functional TF.