If you’ve been following this series, you’ll have gone through your home and removed anything you did not absolutely or desire. After that, you spent some time on your internal realms working to eliminate old emotional baggage that’s no longer serving you. This report is to assist feel great about our own bodies! puts impossible standards on women on how they believe they “should” look, or what attractiveness”really” is.

Let’s start

We’re going to forget all about these standards now. We have one special body that’s ours until we die. Let’s really like it today! Our first order of business is to receive in the bath. I would like you to wash yourself from head to toe, use sea salts in the event that it is possible, Epsom salt will also work good, or even some normal table salt. Salt is a purifier and will help exfoliate and detox. Spend extra time in your elbows, feet, and any other place that you normally have drier or rougher skin at.

After you have scrubbed, just for around fifteen minutes and allow your skin to soak up some moisture in the water. Keeping your skin in top shape isn’t just to be attractive. As the largest organ of our bodies, our skin affects the rest of our physical health also. Give your skin the time it deserves to be healthy and to serve you nicely. Dry yourself off and rub lotion all over. Any cream will do, if it smells extra fine, then that is an aromatherapy bonus! While you’re rubbing the lotion in your body, focus on your skin and your body.

Take into account

Consider how your body functions you everyday with your hectic schedule and the way it deserves to be pampered and treated very well by you. Stay naked, if at all possible. Go to a mirror and really look at yourself. Don’t zone to the areas you are less than happy with. Look at your body as a whole. What a miracle you’ve got with your skin and organs and bones. How often do you spend time being thankful of this? It’s not about how it seems, it is about how it feels to you, the way that it serves you in your lifetime. If you’ve been at war with your body, make amends now. If you will need to diet, visit your physician and begin.

Formulate a fitness program or contact the plastic surgeon. Whatever you think you will need to come to with this physical form you’re in for this life, create a plan and take action. In the meantime, we’re still working on enjoying ourselves. Take a moment and feel yourself, stroke lightly, hug yourself, give yourself a massage or Reiki treatment. This is a private time to be alone with your own body. Make this a regular time, at least once each week for a half hour if that’s possible for you. Give yourself an orgasm if you feel so inclined to. If you are not familiar with that, then let’s pass for now. Just feel great with your body however you feel the best about doing this.


It is the first thing you need before you can properly love others, which includes your physical self also. Make sure giving your appreciation to your own body is a priority for you. Touching yourself and touch from others is a essential part of a plan. Speaking of others, request plenty of hugs! Getting hugs boosts your immune system, and of course how great they feel! If you’re in a relationship, keep the love alive. An active, healthy life will take at least ten years off your age.

Let’s not forget about our hair! When you take your weekly bath and body pleasuring time, wash your hair and put a deep conditioner in it. What shape is it in? If you do not love the colour or style of your hair, make an appointment to have that taken care of as soon as possible. Get your nails, such as your toenails in shape while your working on the rest of you also. They don’t have to be particularly manicured, remember we aren’t worried about looks. We’re focusing on how we feel and ensuring we’re well maintained will help us feel better.


You have done plenty of work through these past few articles. Treat yourself to something nice today! It’s important to reward yourself for work well done. Take a rest and prepare for letting the Enchantress you’re getting out to the world. The next article will start talking about fulfilling our needs and needs. Please be sure and email me if you missed any of the preceding articles or need to make sure and get the upcoming ones. I’m also always happy to speak with you in the event that you require extra pointers or want to share how this information is assisting you in your own life.