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Bernadine Brooks, 49 years old.

Urotrin has a great ingredient profile with effective doses that work great with one another. The value is also exceptional with many products with similar ingredients costing double. Full month supply so no guess work in terms of dosage. As a bigger guy, alot of products are underdosed for my size which causes me to have to go through product faster.

Cleo Villegas, 43 years old.

Excellent! Very good, use it in two pills before going to bed, , I recommend it to those who have trouble sleeping, it increases the in the body, but it should be taken for 10 days to two weeks, then stop for a week or 10 days. Because its stimulating effect reaches its maximum after a period of time, after which the male hormone in your body drops to its normal levels.

Dona Guzman, 37 years old.
Very good product been using for 5years can see the is improving and more firm. Good products. Good price good value good product. Brand is very good.
Eulah Luna, 50 years old.
Good ingredients and quality. it made me feel really energetic and added a extra umph in the bedroom. Dosage is kind of big so I take half of what’s recommended and still enjoyed the benefits.
Wim Travis, 42 years old.

Good product. That being said, there is almost no taste or smell, tablets are relatively easy to swallow, though taking all four at once could be an issue for some. I recommend this product!

Nathan Gordon, 51 years old.
I can tell since I am using it every night before sleep for half month, I always have a deep sleeping and will not wake up at midnight easily.
Tommie Blevins, 55 years old.
High quality supplement that seems to improve stamina and strength. The ingredients are important for men’s health. If you already take other supplements/multivitamins, two tablets per day may be all you need.
Adela Snow, 60 years old.
After using this product I feel very strong and energized. My muscles feel harder and my focus in is very good and prolonged. I will definitely buy again.
Tyrone Gill, 36 years old.
I’ve been taking 1 tablet every night half an hour before i go to bed. I’ve felt amazing performance in the gym and as well. will consider to up the dosage to two and cycle consumption.
Matilda Roth, 42 years old.

I have taken half the dosage and it still works fine. Would definitely keep trying oh and for those who are experiencing side effects maybe cutting dosage would help.

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