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Lawerence Jensen, 34 years old.

One of the best quality testosterone booster I have consumed. Even though the dosage can be high as compared to others, can feel the benefit.

Bernice Moss, 52 years old.

I’ve noticed improvements in my mood after taking 4x pills per day (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening).

Rena Vargas, 31 years old.
This product is excellent. my significantly improved due to the formula provided in the compound. I have made this a key component in my regimen and have seen the effects!
Misty Waller, 29 years old.
Purchased this when was on promotion and advised a friend to buy it so he did. The daily serving is 4 tablets but I am taking 1 only because I already taking and Vit D and B complex tablets. And I can assure that it is working good.
Elisha Frye, 34 years old.

This is a complex formula, containing testosterine boosting , , amino acid and herbs. It is a rich formula comparing to many other similiar products that only contains some of above.

Claudine Higgins, 51 years old.
I’ve been using this product for a couple years now. For me, I’d say it works. Im 34 years old and a classic “hard gainer”. I now seem to have an easier time retaining mass. Not %100 sure if this is totally product related or perhaps a feature of an aging/changing metabolism, but the change has been observed.
Virgie Juarez, 58 years old.
I follow the dosage directions in terms of cycling on/off. I have grown to appreciate this, as the 4 week break allows me, on a regular basis, to re-observe any benefits that may occur when I cycle back on. I think my sex drive increases when I cycle back on. No observable changes to sleep in my case. No observable negative side effects.
Brett Hinton, 57 years old.
My sense is that this product has in fact increased my levels of testosterone. The pills are large in size, but you get used to it. As well, (immune function / ) and Magnesium (muscles contractility regulation) are ingredients which I want to be ingesting regularly aside from my desire to have increased Testosterone, so this product is a win/win for me.
Tyron Gibson, 39 years old.
Have been using these for couple of months now and it has made my sleep better.
Polly Bradshaw, 44 years old.
Amazing product, the composition & ingredients the size of the package is great, high quality and lots of benefits for people who (diet, workout, train, fitness or any fitness goal).

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