The History of the world is full of stories of people looking for eternal youth. Wealthy people going to private facilities for magical elixirs. Many people taking megadoses of certain vitamins, drink green , use coenzyme Q10 etc, hoping to find the “fountain of youth”. Lets have a closer look and find out what happens to our bodies as we age.

Hormônio de Crescimento

It declines steadily in age 31 and in the rate of 14 percent per decade. Along with aging, we become vulnerable to diseases. Our ability to resist disease declines, the body’s ability to metabolize , treat cholesterol, and clear the kidneys of toxins, becomes increasingly harder. Ultimately, the slow deadly disease of aging creeps in. As an individual ages, hormone levels drop. .

Until age 21, Human Growth Hormone is abundant in the body being solely responsible for muscle building, bone growth, skin elasticity, increased vitality, lean body mass, and sexual energy. Gray hair is due to the slowing production of saliva over time inside the hair follicles. At these times, the hair follicles produce less and less melanin, and the end result is a loss of hair, colour and strength.

É bom saber que

Hormonal breakdown and free radicals is the significant contributor of skin aging due to the decrease in the body’s Hormone production or lack of. Hormones like Human Growth Hormone and testosterone are only produced in noticeable quantities up to age 20. These Hormones are responsible for , regeneration and the .

Because of a declining Hormone amount, the breakdown of organs, cells and tissues starts. Another variable are free radicals. These are parts of molecules that are located in the body. As a consequence of external factors like ultraviolet light(too much sun), smoking or poor eating habits, under these conditions free radicals tend to respond. Meaning they are in search of other chemical compounds to bond themselves.

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Ultimately, the breakdown of the skin starts. The body protects itself from these aggressors with naturally occurring anti-oxidant. What can be done about aging? Well,about your true age , but could a healthy lifestyle, good , or perhaps supplement and intake, would that help turn back the aging clock? Well quite possibly, there just may be!