Sempre fui tímida em relação às câmaras, o que se conjugava com o meu maior receio de acordar na manhã de um evento importante com uma borbulha enorme a dominar-me a cara. Ninguém quer a sua acne imortalizada em fotografias! Consegui tirar as fotografias da minha formatura sem problemas e tinha a pele limpa o suficiente para a grande festa de formatura, mas houve uma série de ocasiões desde então em que não tive tanta sorte.

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There are lots of distinct kinds of acne, and while none of them are particularly pleasant, some can actually be quite easy to cover with makeup. Whiteheads and blackheads are two sorts of non-inflammatory acne which generally are not noticeable from a few feet away. Even pustules, which are bigger and more inflamed, can be concealed with skillful makeup program. But what if the goes deeper? Is there anything which may be done for papules or cysts to make them less noticeable?

Cortisone is a which, together with adrenaline, is released from the adrenal glands once the body experiences stress. Cortisone has many purposes, including maintaining steady , but among the main functions of cortisone is its ability to reduce inflammation through suppression of the immune system.


Por este motivo, a cortisona é utilizada no tratamento do ombro , , , severe Cotovelo de tenista, síndrome do túnel cárpico e muitas lesões desportivas que envolvem tendões e ligamentos. Quando utilizado como for the human body, synthetic cortisone can come in a couple of different mediums, but the key form is as an injection, either locally or systemically. It’s as a dilute intralesional injection that cortisone is used in acne medicine. Acne gets red and irritated when bacteria inside a clogged pore start to reproduce. This irritates the cells around the pore, and causes an immune response.

Cortisone can help an acne lesion by stifling this immune response. Once injected into a papule or uterus, there is an immediate decrease in redness and inflammation. As the inflammation decreases, the disappears, and the pimple itself flattens out so that it’s more easily camouflaged by cosmetics. All this normally happens within 24 hours of the injection. As a further bonus, cortisone is considered to help pimples heal faster by preventing the buildup of scar tissue beneath the blemish.

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Desde que a cortisona seja injectada numa forma muito diluída, os efeitos secundários são mínimos. Uma das consequências mais graves da injecção de demasiada cortisona na lesão é a atrofia da pele. É o ponto em que a pele encolhe realmente, deixando uma reentrância pouco profunda no local onde se encontrava a mancha. Frequentemente cura-se por si só, mas quando a atrofia parece permanente, há processos que podem ser feitos para elevar a área atrofiada de modo a que fique igual à pele circundante. Outro efeito secundário é um clareamento da cor da pele no local da injecção.

There are limited suggestions for how to counter this specific side-effect, but a dermatologist would have the ability to give you more info. If faced with an increasing acne lesion a couple of days before an important event, it appears to be a cortisone injection might be a perfect way to lessen the pimple quickly and efficiently. Another bonus is that the process is reportedly quite quick, and may sometimes even be achieved last-minute, with no pre-booked appointment. If you think this may be a route you will consider in the future, it may be worth speaking to your dermatologist today, before you are in a hurry and worried about acne ruining your big day. Meanwhile, keep that skin care regimen going, and possibly cortisone won’t even be necessary!