Inside your body there are thousands, even millions of living organisms. They constitute two pounds of your own body . Don’t let this frighten you – not all bacteria are bad. There are dangerous bacteria and useful bacteria. The hard-working, friendly bacteria produce an assortment of substances than can stop cancerous tumors, deactivate viruses, produce natural antibodies, reduce cholesterol and boost the .


They even create and distribute vitamins (like the B-complex) among your organs. One particular strain of bacteria called lactobacillus salivarius creates acidophin, an antibiotic that helps protect against harmful bacteria. What’s the significance of this? If you have even taken traditional medication, you know it does not always do what it is supposed to. Modern medicine that’s intended to kill germs does exactly that – it kills germs, no matter whether it’s the helpful or the dangerous kind.

Medicine like that can actually poison your body with a negative influence on the beneficial bacteria. The exciting news is that you may take probiotics to supplement the friendly bacteria your body produces. Having the perfect number of probiotics on your body to work along with enzymes is vital for good health. While many agree on the effectiveness of friendly bacteria, many are unaware that totally stable cultures which are powerful enough to survive in the acidic environment of the are the only ones which allow 100 percent of the good bacteria to stay alive and active on your system.


This is crucial, because most cannot pass through the gut for colonization from the small intestine, where they have enormous benefit. Also, many probiotic supplements really mutate in their bottles before they reach the consumer. It’s critical that the -force energy from the bacterial colonies is alive and well because dead germs release endotoxins within the body the liver is made to filter out of the bloodstream. Many probiotic supplements utilize freeze-drying and higher pressure to form hard tablets which, when ingested by the user, contain dead, useless germs toxic to the machine.

  • Probiotics create natural antibiotics which destroy harmful bacteria. Phenomenal for food poisoning!
  • Probiotics change the degree of acidity in a variety of areas of the body, depriving harmful bacteria of nutrients needed to survive.
  • Probiotics make their own antibiotic compounds, which kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and yeasts.
  • Probiotics produce enzymes to break down waste from the colon for removal and also help strengthen the immune system.
  • Probiotics have been shown to help lower elevated cholesterol levels and help recycle the female hormone , which lessens the of menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis. Your body can’t function properly without probiotics.


However, as a result of diet and ecological toxicity, most individuals don’t have sufficient colonies of friendly flora in their intestinal tract, which contributes to a plethora of health issues. Where do you come into contact with bacteria that are bad? Airplanes, cars, hospitals, malls, movie theaters, public rest rooms – anywhere there are people you’ll find bad bacteria. Any inorganic food that you consume is packaged with antibiotics, which destroy the good bacteria in your intestinal tract. More than ever, people will need to replenish their habitats that are friendly!