Among the most -promoting actions you can do is to walk barefoot on the Earth’s surface. This is referred to as lub . There are a number of health benefits. Including receiving super- in the kind of negatively charged electrons coming from the Earth’s surface with all those terrific properties. With all these benefits it is not surprising that those having done earthing/grounding report better!


So what is going on here? Why does this phenomenon have this effect on health when practiced regularly? Let’s look at the evidence to support the claims. As a race it is in our ancestry to walk bare-footed. Our ancestors had a continuous supply of electrons in the Earth’s surface for construction.

Remember, these days whether it is plastic or rubber we possess the souls of our sneakers behaving as insulators and as a barrier, preventing our bare feet from making contact with the Earth’s surface and becoming that health-bringing source of electrons. The impact of the power on the body generated from the aforementioned appliances at a domestic or commercial environment with its electromagnetic pollution can be quantified.

When connected up to your system a voltage meter may indicate the differences between when you’re say, lying on the mattress or grounded. The voltage meter suggests a decrease reading when earthing / grounding occurs. This demonstrates that grounding / earthing has the consequence of reducing vulnerability to those electric fields and electromagnetic pollutants.

Whether it’s to do with prevention, or for there are numerous research institutions showing the terrific multiple advantages of earthing / grounding. Take, as an instance, the effects observed when looking at blood under a light microscope.


Earthing / grounding has the effect of thinning the blood and decoupling cells. It’s hoped that this very short article will encourage additional investigation and practice of the technology.