It’s sometimes as straightforward as feeding our natural immune system with the right stuff. You see, we’re born with all the ammunition we need in many instances to control diseases like Crohn’s obviously, if we have a . We can help our immune system to do its work via clever eating habits, exercise, sufficient sleep and application of natural health supplements.

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Medical doctors will somewhat agree with these thoughts also, but their primary emphasis is still on controlling just the symptoms of Crohn’s through the use of prescription medication rather than on a holistic medicine approach to the illness. Holistic are not just confined to controlling Crohn’s itself, but in strengthening our bodies immune system, and its ability to fight off other threatening diseases also, thereby helping us achieve better overall health.

Doctors unfortunately still cave into the pressure the prescription drug businesses place on them to push their products. Seldom, if ever, does a doctor ever suggest a natural treatment for Crohn’s, over a prescription medication. Also, just witness the constant bombardment of ads the large drug companies provide us on TV, Radio and in print about how good their products are.


But just how good are these products that the big drug companies are pushing anyway? Though prescription drugs can remove the symptoms brought on by Crohn’s, they don’t cure nor stop the disease, and aren’t too great for our general health. Prescription drugs often cause other health problems besides the disease they are utilised to treat. Doctors are even made to prescribe additional medication for patients merely to counteract the damaging side effects of their original drug prescribed, which raises the question, can the treatment in certain instances be worse than the Crohn’s condition itself? Two of the most heavily marketed prescription drugs on the market are Humira and Remicade. And I don’t mean money wise, but what are the prices so far as the side effects to our bodies and general wellbeing? Both are regarded as severely undermining to our body’s immune system.

One popularly advertised prescription medication which is used effectively to treat the symptoms of Crohns’s is Humira. Here’s a list of measures to taking this medication the manufacturer has released: Humira is a TNF blocker”Serious infections have occurred to people taking HUMIRA, These severe infections include (TB) and infections caused by viruses, fungi, or bacteria that have spread through the body. Some people have died from such infections”.

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Humira potential side effects are an increased risk of cancer such as lymphoma, and the skin cancers, Basal Cell and Squamous Cell cancer. One other heavily prescribed medication for treating Crohn’s is Remicade. Remicade such as Humira is also great at relieving the symptoms experienced with Crohn’s disease, but this drug also, weakens the immune system, which makes a patient defenseless against a plethora of deadly external ailments including deadly fungal infections and tuberculosis.

Other side effects from Remicade use are fever, like symptoms, and severe joint . Both drugs are administered by injections and in the event of Remicade require 2-3 hour long visits to the physician and compulsory repeat treatments. So, what’s the health promoting solution to helping us fight Crohn’s with no harmful side effects from medication. One alternative is that the antioxidant rich bioflavonoid called OPC-3. Bioflavonoids are found in fruits, vegetables, herbs as well as pine bark.

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Studies from the National Cancer Institute on , John Hopkins University and the American Heart Association found that antioxidants isolated from fruits and vegetables and organic herbs operate inside our body’s cellular and tissue systems, offering countless protective nutrients which protect us from “free radicals” which destroy and enter our bodies. On occasion, the harm “free radicals” cause can even be reversed by using antioxidants.

There are numerous supplements containing antioxidants available that can effectively strengthen our immune system but none can claim to be as powerful as the bioflavonoid OPC-3. OPC-3 is 50 times stronger as Vitamin E and 20 times stronger than Vitamin C. Actually OPC-3 used together with Vitamin C makes vitamin C a stronger and efficient ally. OPC-3 consists especially of reddish wine/grape seed extract and pine bark. But, does OPC3 have any known side effects?

Great question!

After over three years of safe use in Europe, the excellent news is that no reports of side effects are made. As the discussion for natural health or another to pharmaceuticals, has grown in the US, a growing number of individuals are seeking to nutraceuticals such as OPC3 as the solution to answering their preventative health requirements. As an antioxidant, it helps your immune system and its ability to fight the free damage caused by everyday living yet OPC-3 is a really safe alternative with no known side effects being reported. So, because OPC-3 is shown that it may beneficial to treating Crohn’s disease, in addition to improving our general health without damaging side effects to our bodies, it may be worth looking into.