There was an issue at the United States Postal Service, and it had been happening on the night shift. Productivity was suffering for decades, and the turnover rate was high. In addition to that, late night staff were suffering more ailments, disorders, and living shorter lives than their counterparts working morning and evening shifts. While the mood could not have been described as gloomy, it was especially downbeat by comparison.


A study was commissioned by the Postmaster General in 1992. The objective of the research was twofold-to find the root cause and discover a way to fix it. When the results came back, it looked clear. The problem was that graveyard shift employees were not getting enough light in their eyes. The Postal Service increased the wattage of the fluorescent tubes, and productivity increased dramatically. It’s not known how this ultimately influenced the long-term health of the employees, but the story is essential. It illustrates the finding that in the event that you don’t get sufficient on a long-term foundation, you might be missing out on plenty of vital , i lepsze zdrowie.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched very many apps on the Discovery Channel. I don’t see an awful lot of tv myself, but I love to flip through the channels once I have a few free moments to see if there is interesting to watch. On their own show, Eco-Tech, there was a small story on how many modern skyscrapers are being built for increased energy and material efficiency. For this section they did a job up on a few of the newest skyscrapers in New York. It’s designed to be easy to keep and utilized one third less steel than many buildings of equal size, but that was not what grabbed my .


What really impressed me was the way the walls were arranged. It was set up so every worker and manager in each office of the building has access to sun during daylight hours. Unsurprisingly, the tenants were impressed with the greater productivity exhibited by each department housed there. When sunlight strikes your eyes, it immediately activates the nerves that produce Serotonin, a that’s directly associated with mood and emotional state. It just requires a few minutes to your energy levels begin to lift. This effect can be mimicked by very bright fluorescent or incandescent lighting, but it can not be completely replicated by artificial means.

There’s just no substitute for sunlight. One simple way you can make the most of this result is by opening doors and blinds during waking up or work hours to allow as much sunlight as possible into your house or office. This may also have the effect of cutting off your electrical bills. There’s another effect of sun, but you must go out and absorb the sun’s rays into your skin to receive it. I’m speaking, of course, about Vitamin D.

Witamina D

It has been in the news quite a bit recently, and with great reason-it’s being discovered more and more vitamin D levels influence every aspect of physical and psychological wellbeing. The most recent buzz began in October of 2006. Three professors from Kings College of London reviewed the evidence that Vitamin D slows the growth of cancerous tumors. They moved on to examine the records of over 1 million cancer patients. The proof demonstrated that cancer survival rates may be directly tied to the time of year that individuals were diagnosed as well as the degree of sunlight they were getting.

Here’s the actual kicker-not only was the quantity of sunlight exposure patients obtained during treatment significant, but so was the sum they obtained before their diagnosis. For many individuals, the simple act of moving outside while they were healthy let them conquer cancer as it struck. Since that time, Vitamin D has been associated with a lot of facets of health. A study published in the January 2008 issue of Circulation revealed that people with low blood levels of Vitamin D were 62 percent more likely than those with higher degrees to develop heart or suffer a stroke.


Vitamin D has been shown to be critical to proper functioning of the immune system, and lots of ailments caused by autoimmune disorders have symptoms which may be relieved by daily sun exposure. If someone offered you a magical pill-one that could boost your energy level, make you more likely to be healthier as you aged, better your odds of surviving a life threatening illness, increased your productivity on the job and was 100% natural and free of charge-would you take it? Wouldn’t you try it? Why not try it right now? If you are reading this while the sun’s out, go outside once you finish reading this and get some sunshine on your face. If it’s dark at the moment, that is okay. Plan a 20 to 30 minute walk or outside activity for tomorrow.