YouTube is the home of a few of the worlds funniest movies. It’s spawned a generation of people scouring the Internet for hours and hours in a tireless search for funny videos. Why do people spend a lot of the time searching for and seeing these funny videos? Is it something in the , or is it a much more psychological explanation that has to do with tendencies amongst the present generation?


It is a powerful force. Studies have actually shown that laughter can help strengthen an individual’s immune system, providing credibility to that expression,”laughter is the best medicine.” Laughter also releases in the , making people feel happy. So should you ever wondered why some people never get sick, well its because they get there daily dose of laughter daily. So often, in today’s when a person is stressed, lonely, bored, etc., they seek comfort and in videos which make them laugh.

Another thing that brings people to amusing Internet videos on sites like YouTube is the fact that almost all of the videos are really brief. People in the Internet era have short spans, and a lengthy video with a complex storyline often does not create as many laughs and viewing several quite short videos. I mean, sure, everyone likes a funny movie now and then. I just saw the film “Sex Drive” in theatres and it had lots of funny parts. But in an age where movie tickets are ridiculously expensive, and it costs a whole lot of money in gas to drive to the movie theater, people are turning to their computers for their amusement.

Taking the opportunity to see a film that can sometimes be as many as 2 hours can be expensive in some ways also, so taking out a time to watch a brief video on the net web fits into several people’s schedules a whole lot better. 10 to see it, and it was not as really FULL of laughs as I’d hoped. I’ve grown up in an Internet era where I expect to always be amused by videos; if a movie I’m watching online just does not do it for me, all I must do is move the mouse, give a click, and change to another video which will be more gratifying. If you spend $10 on a film, however, you run the risk of spending your cash on a crummy movie. YouTube has fundamentally changed the way people view humorous videos, and I’ve a sense that humorous videos will not ever really be the same.