There are a number of choices to make when there’s a baby on the way. Among the most controversial is the ever raging”breast or bottle” debate. There are many men and women who have strong feelings on both sides of this issue, and several of them will try like a televangelist to get you on their side. I’m not going to do that. I will give you the facts, and share some personal insight on the topic, which hopefully will leave you good, whatever your choice.

Scientifically, breast milk is best. There are nutrients in breast milk that help your ’s develop, and try as they may, formulation manufacturers can’t replicate these nutrients. Breastfeeding protects your child from diseases because, provided that he or she is nursing, they are guarded by your immune system, which is significantly more developed than theirs.

Breast milk is extremely well tolerated by infants, and hardly ever causes gastrointestinal troubles, and breastfed babies are less likely to be obese. Butrealistically, the scientific facts aren’t the only matters to be considered. Women who just don’t wish to breastfeed will likely not be very profitable. Even some women who wish to breastfeed will find it so hard, that they’re miserable trying to make it work. Some women will have trouble making enough milk to meet their child’s hunger, and some women will suffer more pain with breastfeeding than they could endure. If you fall into one of these categories, do not beat yourself up.

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Your baby can do very well on formula, also. When my daughter was born, I was apprehensive to breastfeed. I had two boys, but one is my husband’s by a previous marriage, and another was adopted at ten months, so this was my only opportunity to become pregnant and breastfeed. I read all the books I could get my hands on, and like a fool, spent a whole lot of cash on a breast pump. It turns out that my nipples aren’t just a matched pair, so my daughter completely rejected a single inch.

So, I nursed on the side she would take until my nipples looked like ground beef. Plus, she was an eight pound eating machine at birth, and no matter how long I nursed her, I could not satisfy her appetite. Even with pumping out of the breast which she rejected, she was constantly hungry. I made myself crazy out of it, worked with two separate lactation consultants and tried every trick in the book, but every effort in nursing ended in tears. After two miserable weeks, I gave in and put her on formula.


We’ve never looked back. I was happier since I was not constantly frustrated, and she was happier because her belly was full and since her Mommy was much more relaxed. Now that I’ve told you that story, I’ll tell you this. If I ever had another baby, I’d try breastfeeding again. Every baby is different, and a Mother’s body differs with each pregnancy. I’d try again to give my kid the best from a nutritional standpoint. But, I know now that sometimes it simply does not work, or it is not best for you, which does not mean that you are not a fantastic Mom. Breast or bottle is a personal option. Weigh the facts and the tastes, and make the decision that’s ideal for you and your baby. Whatever you decide, you do not owe anybody an explanation.