Ayurvedic is one of the earliest traditional systems of health and disease control. The history of ayurveda goes back to thousand of years. The principal objective of ayurveda has been twofold – marketing of health and managing the disease. Come, let’s explore the salient characteristics of this terrific method of health, lifestyle and van .

Ayurveda Therapy

Among the most gorgeous features of ayurvedic therapy or ayurveda is it is not just a treatment or system of medicine. Ayurveda is basically a holistic approach toward life, health and disease management. Ayurvedic approach involves the judicious use of medicinal herbs, nutritional supplements, diet, lifestyle, and yoga. Ayurveda has been the pioneer for keeping the holistic approach in Medicine.

Ayurvedic principles have been in the foundational role with this holistic approach in Medicine. Ayurvedic treatment is based on personalized regimen for each person. God and nature created each one of us in a special way and Medicine should regard our identity. Ayurveda stands for our identity in concept and in practice.

The personalized approach of Ayurvedic medicine is manifested in many states – when we consider the states of ayurveda doshas or humors and pick the ayurveda body types, once we choose herbs, once we consider age and period of treatment, once we consider the geographical location of the individual, once we advise lifestyle and food, once we evaluate the individual physical and psychological tolerance and throughout practically dozens of different circumstances.

Preventive medicine

Some medical authorities attribute the development of Social and Preventive Medicine entirely to Modern Medicine. Ayurveda right from its beginning uphold two primary functions – enhancement of health and prevention of disease. There are guideposts regarding diet, daily routine, hygiene, boosting and rejuvenation. Ayurveda considers the suitable remedy to this management which alleviates the disease and does not cause any other disease as a consequence of treatment.

This is caused through balancing the qualities and synergistic planning and formulation of medicinal herbs. However, getting side effects free therapy is the toughest objective for any method of treatment. Rejuvenative therapy is given so much importance in Ayurveda that from eight branches in early Ayurveda, one was completely devoted to rejuvenation, anti-ageing, promotion of health and geriatric health.

Wist je dat?

Ayurveda considers each person as a physical, social, mental and spiritual being. For societal ethics, ayurveda supports both moral and religious principles and teaches they’re crucial for the wellbeing of society. Ayurvedic therapy is intended chiefly for purification of body. Panchakarma can help to detox our body completely. The effect of and herbal supplements increases substantially after purification treatment. Ayurvedic herbs are the chief therapeutic agent in Ayurveda.

Natural herbal herbs are excellent healing agents with very little or no side effects. Most of the uses of Ayurvedic herbs are being supported by modern herbal research. Some of these toxic and poisonous herbs are used after their purification when they’re free of their damaging effect. Several and animal products can also be utilised in India in Ayurvedic treatment. These minerals and animal derivatives are purified and experience special calcination processes. Calcination procedures increase their bioavailability and free them from damaging effects. Using ayurvedic calcined minerals isn’t much popular outside Indian subcontinent.

Goed om te weten

The planet as a whole is underway to comprehend and utilize these trainings as newest technologies such as HPCL studies, clinical research trials report, toxicity reports, Nanotechnology are verifying their efficacy and safety. Ayurvedic treatment includes diet, lifestyle and exercise as an essential part of treatment. So there’s loads of advice about what to eat, what to avoid and about exercise and lifestyle.

Health is the energetic balance of the body components as well as their functioning. And it needs to be the objective of every person to be accountable for one’s health because health is the foundational to all sort of pursuits in our own lives. Ayurvedic medicine helps individuals and the whole society to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. Start living a healthier and happier lifestyle.