We might be heartsick, and heartbroken, over heartfelt problems that may cast a cloud over our outlook. People may respond to this mood in many of ways–some might find solace from the menu of the day, craving carbohydrates and chocolate while others may dismiss food entirely. Issues that could create less than sunny days can affect heart health and during February, American Heart Month, I’m focusing on suggestions that could be useful in keeping disheartening thoughts off.

Beheer van stress

It is one of the secrets to heart heath. Stress can impact general health and your heart when you indulge in behaviors like smoking, overeating or consuming too much . Stress releases adrenaline that causes both your heart rate and to rise as the adrenaline prepares the body for “fight or flight.” An ongoing state of anxiety may also affect the and damage artery walls. You can manage stress by getting the recommended amount of relaxation, eating sensibly and adding exercise to your daily routine.

If you can’t exercise 30 minutes per day five to seven days per week, take the stairs rather than the elevator, park farther away from the destination or take a fast walk during your lunch hour. These little adjustments can be useful in maintaining a healthy heart.


Start your day by eating a balanced breakfast including fiber, lean protein, good fats and whole grain . Whole grain bread, poultry or turkey sausage, brown rice, millet, barley, or oatmeal are great options Researchers have found that eating breakfast regularly improves memory and mood. Additionally, it gives more energy and calmness through the day. Chocolate can be beneficial–such as tea, contains that act as antioxidants.

These flavonoids can lower blood pressure and decrease LDL, the cholesterol that’s not great for you. Dark chocolate may also stimulate the production of endomorphins, the chemicals in the brain that elicit feelings of pleasure. Dark chocolate also contains serotonin, the chemical that may function as an anti-depressant. If your mood requires a recession from being obese, make a plan to trim away those extra pounds.

Denk aan

You can do so by reducing the amount of calories you eat and increasing exercise. For instance if you indulge in an ice cream dessert at the end of every day, reduce dessert to two times per week or not at all. If you normally walk 15 minutes per day, up the time by ten to 15 minutes. These tiny changes will pay off. This might be the month the spotlight is on heart health, but these hints are good alternatives to adopt any month. When you incorporate these basic changes into your lifestyle, it’s simple to reach your goal to become a healthier, happier you.