C is important to optimum immune-system function and decreases the symptoms of colds, allergies and asthma. Vitamin C also plays a central role in the healing of wounds and broken bones as well as in recovery from surgery, mainly because vitamin C is very important to the formation of collagen.

Vitamine C

It also increases athletic ability because of the flexibility of elasticity collagen supplies. Collagen also increases the time line of aging. Millions would a Facial and Body Cream with high levels of Vitamin C to raise or slow down the loss of our own collagen levels. As an anti-aging cream, rose hips is highly suggested. Introduced collagen to the body that’s not part of our DNA might have an adverse impact down the street. The usage of this may cause you to should keep on using it, which in turn will eventually bring about lumpiness and possibly even elective surgery as it “dries out”.

Adequate Vitamin C consumption will bring about healthy collagen formation in the thus, protecting the blood vessels from and bruising. Trauma and swelling of the blood vessels damages (sometimes irreparably) certain regions of the body. A Certified Message Therapist can lead to an Elderly individual to have a attack just with a facial massage. Cells in the arterial walls require collagen to help them expand and contract with the beats of the heart. Collagen is also needed from the capillaries, which are more delicate.

Vitamin deficiency

A deficiency of Vitamin C may lead to heart attacks and strokes initiated by blood clots as it triggers muscle degeneration, which may incorporate the heart. The amount of ascorbic acid in the blood reaches a maximum in 2-3 hours following ingestion then decreases as it’s eliminated from the body by bleeding or perspiration. Most is from your system within 3-4 hours, and that’s the reason why it needs to be supplied often through the day. Recommended dosage is 60-95 mg per day. This is for everyday maintenance of stable levels of good health. Daily dose of 250 mg is suggested for supplement.

Daily dose of 500 mg is recommended if there is an aliment of any kind involved. The requirement for Vitamin C increases with Age and Sickness due to the increased need to regenerate collagen therefore proper supplements can reduce the depletion brought on by age and illness. The body can’t use more than 500 mg at a 12-hour period thus, the blood level of Vitamin C will return to its normal level in 12-13 hours whatever the amount consumed. As a supplement, a regimen of 250 mg daily (within a 12-hour interval ) or 125 mg every four hours, As an aid to depletion, a regimen of 500 mg daily (within a 12-hour interval ) or 250 mg every four hours.


As Vitamin C boosts the absorption of Calcium, and Calcium levels decrease when ill or older, a supplement of Calcium should be taken. If you believe you are a healthy individual and take Vitamin C supplements only when sick, then this is the recommended daily supplement which needs to be taken. Consuming more Vitamin C than the body can use in 1 intake will result in a higher of kidney stones growing because of the conversion of extra Vitamin C to oxalic acid. This could lead to interference with the normal metabolism of Vitamin B-12 and symptoms of , skin , diarrhea and low blood glucose. Rose Hips are an exceptional source of Vitamin C. Used for diseases and cleansing toxins from the body. Rose Hips are so highly concentrated in Vitamin C they may be taken singularly as a nutritional supplement. In powdered form take one 00 capsule every four hours.