Herbs have long been an acceptable way to fight common ailments and while they shouldn’t take the place of medical advice, can be an excellent supplement to your current medical care. There are many common herbs that have healing properties that you might not even know about.

Herbal help

Some of the herbs like garlic, , en you may associate more with cooking, but these plants also have medicinal properties which you can easily put to use by using them in teas, compresses and even as spices in your meals! The gel in this plant is reputed to cure wounds and other problems like sunburn. Additionally it is a strong . The plant can be grown in your backyard in tropical climates or in your window sill. Slit open the leaves and use the juice inside.

Cayenne is terrific for the flow and it is no wonder with it’s spicy snack! You can use it on your food, or if you’re really brave, at a tea. You may also take it into a capsule. It’s said that Cayenne helps to expedite the healing effects of other herbs. This has many uses. In a tea, it has a calming effect and can sooth the digestive tract. It’s also excellent for skin when applied topically in a cream or lotion.

Wist je dat?

Many herbal soaps, lotions and shampoos include this herb that has been used since early times. This much researched herb can help stabilize the . It can be taken as a pill or tincture or pulled from the ground an eaten as a snack! You might have some of those purple daisy like flowers growing close to you and not even understand they have medicinal properties.

You thought it was a tasty root to place on bread but this herb has been used since ancient Egypt and contains properties which strengthen the immune system. It’s used as a remedy for infections, coughs and colds. Our herb guide enjoys ginger as it may be used in a lot of dishes. It’s reputed to assist in circulation. Full of potassium, this herb is frequently used as a garnish and left uneaten. It is wise to put it right on your salad and eat it up – it has many and is reputed to strengthen the kidneys and assist with waste removal.