Immunizations given to babies can form the immune system which protects the until later develop. Regular immunization held at the child’s hospital or integrated organized by the number of mothers in households at the closest health centers. A mother should consider the programs of immunization and at what age these immunizations given to babies. Information on immunization can be obtained at the nearest health center and hospital.

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Newborns up to 1 week old should receive BCG immunization as soon as possible to prevent transmission of TB . While the 3-month-old babies who received polio immunization 1, 2, and 3 and provided with a space of 1 week each. Polio immunization is given together with tetanus immunization that could protect babies from tetanus disease. The age of 9 months, babies should be immunized against measles.

Immunization is useful as a deterrent babies exposed to smallpox recurs, it means immunized against measles, a baby will be exposed to smallpox just once in his entire life. When babies were 1 year old, all immunizations are repeated once again with a space of precisely the same as before. Providing immunizations in infants also must be supported by improved nutrition and food so the durability of the immune system really powerful baby.


Another thing to note is that the incidence of fever in babies who had only been immunized. Mothers need not be worried about it, just give febrifuge as recommended by a physician or a compress for your infant fever down. If the heat doesn’t return in 3 days, then bring your baby to the doctor or the nearest hospital. Poly hospital integrated health and kids usually also offer health tracking service of your baby while holding immunization.

Monitoring is based on body weight and duration of babies was written in the charts Towards Healthy green card. You can talk about the issue and also obtain information and solutions to overcome issues that arise. Towards Healthy card is used to monitor a baby from birth until age 5 decades.


Common disease in babies and handling. Just like human adults, babies can also get sick. A mother ought to be able to comprehend the qualities of a disorder that often affects babies because babies can’t tell what she believes. Usually when feeling pain, the infant will cry more frequently and fussy and wouldn’t eat. No need to panic, try to check if the baby is suffering from minor ailments like below. The disorder is often suffered by the infant is cold. This can occur because the baby is put on the ground too long or too long exposed to the wind from the outside.

Besides regular , characteristics that readily recognizable is a bloated stomach. Give oil liniment like so baby feels warm and the wind in the infant’s body quickly exit. Give a warm and comfy clothing and blankets are thick enough so the baby no longer grab a cold. Babies are also frequently exposed to the itching and prickly heat. It’s truly very reasonable because we are living in a tropical country. But when it happens too often, you should pay more attention to good hygiene or dress your child’s skin as prickly heat arises because the infant is often left in a moist state.

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Baby’s skin is exposed to milk have wiped as soon as possible. To remove the prickly heat that seems you can scatter itching powder into the area continuously until prickly heat prickly heat is lost. Bathe also infant 2 times each day to keep it clean, but not too often because the infant may be vulnerable to colds. Change wet diapers too and don’t be left too long. In addition to causing itching, wet diapers may also lead to infection in the infant’s skin.

Fever is also a disease that’s often suffered by infants. There are many causes of fever and the mother ought to be able to recognize certain characteristics of fever. Babies who have a fever after being immunized febrifuge given enough or adequately compressed. Usually the fever will disappear after 1 or 2 days. Fever may also look at the turn of the weather. Too abrupt temperature changes cause the infant’s body responds by raising body temperature.

Fever is generally not very significant fever and will disappear within 1-2 days when the mother promptly responded fever in babies with appropriate measures like warming the baby. Beware if the heat baby doesn’t return within 1-2 days, especially when the baby convulsions. Immediately brought to the hospital or the closest pediatrician for medical assistance to your baby. Also consult with a doctor if your baby doesn’t want to eat. Don’t be late to comprehend the features of the diseases suffered by infants or you may cried for remainder of life.