Bed sores, lesions, pressure sores, chronic , ulcers and abscesses are horrible looking, a real problem to manage, and occasionally very painful for their owner. Wound management is a classic medical specialty unto itself. Integrative healing (CAM) modalities and techniques are currently being researched in clinical trials to help and enhance traditional care.

Non-healing wounds

There are lots of reasons for non-healing wounds, some are caused by medical problems. Many diabetics dread and finally undergo surgical amputation. Bed ridden patients in nursing home or assisted living facilities develop bed sores which could facilitate their demise. Paraplegics and quadriplegics develop localized pressure sores which could instigate life-threatening infections.

Situations that impede flow such as complications after , congestive heart failure, rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral ulcers, vascular disease, and traumatic injury assistance cause wounds. Additionally edema, systemic issues and disease impair normal healing. Most wound programs combine conventional medical and medical care along with advanced wound care technologies including but not limited to dressing materials of bioengineered tissue and hyperbaric medicine.

Buono a sapersi

Alternative and integrative medicine processes and remedies provide a different approach. While initially assessing a wound, as a medical intuitive and”individual MRI”, I look at the 360 degree view of the traumatized area. Failing to”see” the whole wound and all contributing factors can sabotage healing. Assess the body’s systems and the energy systems which add to the current wound. Start your instinctive examination from the inner heart and work your way out to the surface region of the open wound.

Example- Start with the molecular structure of every cell, then the mobile clusters, and ultimately tissue groups. Next evaluate the disease and blood counts, the blood supply to the deteriorated area, and the blood’s oxygen delivery to this wound. Investigate the functions the wounded region contributes to the body and the body’s entire immune system, and the immune systems response to the wound area.

Last but not least, evaluate the client’s psychological, emotional and spiritual conditions that influence and effect the whole body. Also address and correct the environmental factors such as lack of individual or care. Remove medications that hinder recovery. Check with your doctor concerning the interactions of different prescriptions. Clients who should be asked to stop during wound treatment.

Cosa fare?

To start healing the wound, as an integrative medical practitioner, I use remote energy healing in addition to and throughout the doctor’s treatment and processes to reorganize the molecular structure of each damaged mobile. First I direct electromagnetic energy to the molecules of the cells. This stimulates the cells to restructure themselves and to regenerate healthy new cells.

Among the originator’s of the concept was Dr. RObert Becker in his book”The Body Electric”. He also established the fact that when stimulated with electromagnetic energy, a cell would regenerate. Then the blood cells have to be told to eliminate toxins and to reestablish healthy blood counts. This process will gradually eliminate in the wound. Repairing the damaged vascular system is next. The broken vessels have to be sealed to prevent excess bleeding, weepage and additional contamination and disease.

Once realized, a healthy blood flow has to be established to nourish and encourage regenerating cells and also to implement oxygenation into the area. Since insufficient oxygen supply to the damaged tissue accelerates healing, concentrate the energy on increasing the oxygen levels of the customer. This will support the fixing cells and help reconstruct and develop a healthy tissue system.


In conventional medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the most recent technologies to assist wound care. This therapy increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the cells and strengthens wound-healing repair. For the immune system to stabilize and bring about wellness, direct the energy recovery to increase the immune system’s function on the full body and on the wound area, two different problems.

Now you’ve assembled a healthy foundation in the heart of the wound, work on the tissue regions and the outer edges of the wound . This decreases the size of the open wound, adds healthy supportive periphery tissue around the traumatized and damaged region, and provides clinical evidence that the wound is decreasing. You don’t need to knit together and seal over a wound that’s not healed at its foundation, that error could exacerbate additional deterioration. It’s ideal to approach in an organized manner; system-by-system, inch by treated inch, from the inner core to the exterior.

Tenete a mente

Trying to heal the whole wound at once puts too much strain on the body’s energy system and the mobile recalibration, and generally misses important ingredients in the whole healing recipe. Additionally it is very important to work intermittently on the wound, so the body won’t be overstressed, and every system can revive itself independent of the others. This strategy will manifest a stronger and more rapid recovery response, have less regular reversals, and take care of the integretity of the treated region.

Although addressing physical problems is an important concern, I think involving patients in their treatment with positive mind over matter activities, attitudes and affirmations is crucial. In deciding at the moment, this very moment, to tackle and create positive free will choices to change your brain’s attitude about your wound care, and also to control your cells to help in your recovery, immediately can help ease the healing process. Patient contribution to their care adds the mind over matter i.e. biofeedback dimension to the healing process and is vital to long-term improvements.

A popular alternative medicine for your mind is your book “Positive Attitudes, Actions, and Affirmations for Overcoming Your Health Challenges”. The self-help part of your neighborhood bookstore has many useful holistic mind body tools. It’s been demonstrated that positive attitude makes a greater immune system reaction that in turn helps reduce symptoms. It makes sense that assumption should also hold true in wound management. It’s the old adage of YOUR mind over YOUR matter.

Your cells are here in order to house your life force energy known as your Soul. You’re the commander of your cells, i.e. your body, and you’re the superintendent of your construction i.e. your body, so how you manage your care is part of the healing journey. Having a”can do” attitude directs your mobile structure to do precisely that, help in healing itself. Holistic health care is complementary to conventional medicine. Alternative medicine-medical intuition and remote healing integrates with and may be used during allopathic procedures and remedies.


The combination of all types of healing modalities, technology and entire body treatments gives the patient more therapeutic options and a sense of involvement and control over their recovery, leading to a better quality of life and sense of wellbeing, thereby providing the most rewarding and beneficial healing journey. Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety.