I risultati sono arrivati, gli studi clinici hanno parlato. Bere allevia l'ansia - bere , that is. There’s something in green that helps us unwind. And it may begin turning up in other foods shortly. The legendary advantages of green tea– perdita, Il tè verde, con le sue proprietà immunitarie e molto altro ancora, è entrato a far parte della top ten dei superalimenti di tutti.

Ora l'effetto di benessere della tazza da tè è stato dimostrato in laboratorio. Un aminoacido chiamato (or L-theanine) accounts for green tea’s magic. First found in 1949, theanine is located almost exclusively in tea leaves. Additionally, it is found in 1 type of mushroom–who wants to unwind with a plate of mushrooms? Clinical trials examining the relaxation effect of theanine generated remarkable results. Japanese researchers found that human volunteers became more relaxed about 30-40 minutes after taking up to 200mg of theanine.

Per me e per voi sono sei tazze di tè. Una volta che la teanina scorre, accadono alcune cose. Il vostro waves begin to shift in the alpha range. That’s a fantastic thing. Alpha brain waves occur when you’re relaxed and calm, but still alert –such as after a massage or a hot tub, or through . At exactly the exact same time, theanine increases the GABA levels in mind. GABA is a neurotransmitter that’s connected to serotonin and dopamine levels.

Questo cocktail chimico dal suono complicato produce un effetto rilassante. Inoltre, la teanina abbassa anche la pressione sanguigna. Beh, ok, la parte relativa alla pressione sanguigna è stata dimostrata solo nei ratti. Quindi, se siete stressati e ansiosi, rilassatevi con qualche tazza di tè verde. In circa 30 minuti inizierete a sentirvi rilassati e svegli.


La teanina non provoca sonnolenza, ma quando è ora di andare a letto, gli studi hanno anche dimostrato che better and awake more refreshed. Incidentally, if you are already relaxed when you begin, it doesn’t matter how much theanine you get–you won’t get any more relaxed. If you prefer to get your theanine in a pill, you are in luck. Supplements containing theanine are easily available. Among the Japanese companies heavily involved in theanine study went beyond simple green tea extracts and developed Suntheanine, which is a synthesized, ultra-pure theanine. I’m unsure what they have in mind, but the possibilities are wide open. Over 50 food items comprising Suntheanine, such as ice cream, candy, and drinks, are now sold in Korea, Japan, and Europe. In America, it is only available in supplements at the moment. But I’m excited about seeing it in something that goes with my cup of tea.