is making a comeback worldwide, companies are selling magnetic underlays for all sizes of beds, and they arrive in Cotton or Genuine Sheeps Wool. There are small sized components, to fit on the wrist, fit on the waistband of underwear, belts to fit around your back, your knees or just about anywhere that you’re very likely to suffer pain.


Some women are using a that fits on the waistband of underwear at the front, when they’re suffering menstrual pain, and they swear that it alleviates the pain. It’s been claimed as a drug free alternative for insomnia, migraines and headaches, by sleeping with a magnetic pad at the pillow, it reacts to the Pineal Gland that is in the middle of the and reacts to a magnetic field.

Magnetic , isn’t new, it’s been in existence for approximately 3000, years, it was assumed to have begun at the time in India. The red dot worn by a few Indian women in their forehead, was originally made from a magnetic powder. It had been placed on a important nerve point midway between the two eyes, a place that some think is the third eye, it supposedly calmed down the mind and decreased stress, thereby maintaining the women looking beautiful.

Circulatory system

Magnets work on the circulatory system by making the blood flow faster and at precisely the same time optimizing the bloodstream. This enables the body to eliminate and waste. A range of problems are often because of a sluggish circulatory system and magnets seem to overcome a good deal of these issues. Science has demonstrated that by putting a magnetic field beside the body, a bioelectric activity happens. At the cellular level, it’s the trace components of Iron and in the blood which are attracted to the magnetic field resulting in a moderate effect in the blood flow.

A high number of people feel warmth when sleeping on a magnetic underlay, this is very normal, this raises vasculation, oxygenation, balancing of circulation and stimulation of the Lymphatic System. Magnetic Therapy today is used to treat many ailments and debilitating conditions, it’s a Natural Therapy, that has no negative side effects, you should increase your intake of pure water, to assist the toxins and waste flush out of the body, you may feel a little sexy, but if you’re in a cold climate, this is most likely a beneficial side effect.

Final note

Scientists are researching the treatment and the benefits of treating colds and influenza arthritis, reduction of anxiety and nervous issues. It has even been attempted on people with partial damage to the spinal cord. A number of famous men and women are using Magnetic Therapy, such as Hollywood Stars as well as one ex US President. Magnets have become a fascination with the medical world. The powerful effects of recovery via magnetism on a large number of patients, has caused some doctors to have another look at the circumstance. Magnets themselves of course do not cure anything; they stimulate the body into healing itself. The body features a Natural Healing system installed , this is the Immune System, but when it does no harm, why not give this system a tiny boost along. The Immune System has a significant battle in our modern day, combating the effects of Chemicals, Pesticides, Herbicides gasses and a million other things that we eat, breathe and drink daily.