I will be a bit radical here, but understand that I’m just encouraging you to question and think and ideally do your own research, both theory and practice. I’m pretty confident that you will thank me for this. WHAT IF THE SO-CALLED ‘AGING PROCESS’ WAS A CHOICE? Clearly, we can not stop time from moving forward. When we have a birthday, we’re another year older.


That’s a simple fact that, for the moment at least, we can’t change. But what if the weakening organs, tissues and bones and all the’usual’ signs of weren’t actually part of the aging process we have come to accept as’normal’? Have you ever believed that these conditions are just symptoms of us mistreating our bodies over the course of our lives thus far? Wouldn’t our senior years be a good deal more fun when we were disease and pain free and might jump around with the power and of a teenager?

This is a crazy, impossible idea borne from dream? Or are you prepared to open your mind and accept that really, if you treat your body right and nourish it properly, it may actually be possible? Put simply, we’re born with a finite supply of endogenous enzymes. It should be sufficient to last us a life based on current life expectancy, but if we do not provide some exogenous enzymes through our diet, we’ll use our original supplies and that is when we become vulnerable to the approved’signs of old age’ including early death! And the simple fact is that when we cook our meals, we kill all enzymes rather than enabling them to enhance our immune system, our brain function and our energy levels.

Immune system

Another physician, Edward Howell, has written a book named Enzyme . The raw food movement is gathering pace and the practice is becoming more mainstream today. In her book You Are What You Eat, Gillian McKeith puts raw or living foods on top of her list of Good Foods and contains a section entitled The Case Against . Now do not get me wrong; I’m not suggesting that you change overnight to a 100% raw food diet.

Though lots do and never return, it is not always wise. Instead I’d give the identical advice as Gillian in urging you to eat something raw with each meal. Before I sat down to write this, I ate a yummy Avocado Salad that besides the cooked quinoa was filled up with raw, enzyme-, EFA- and - rich foods. I ate it on its own, but you could serve it alongside a piece of grilled chicken or rather than dead, heavy, -rush potatoes which do little more than up you.