This is something that many people know, but not everyone. As we age, our slows. When I write articles like these, I don’t know who will be reading them. I have tried to stop assuming that everyone who reads an article like this knows every word I use. I think that many people are reading this because they don’t understand the words, the ideas or the facts and trust me to help them. Let’s talk about the basics first before we dive into too much. If you are familiar with metabolism but don’t want the hassle of learning the details, you can slide down the page.


However, if you don’t understand what metabolism is, why it matters, or what you can do to make this work for you, I will continue to help you. When someone uses the term “metabolism”, it simply means that your body processes the you give it. “” is simply a measurement of the speed at which this process occurs. Our metabolism is unique, just like many other things in life. While most of us have two legs each, we all have our own. We all have a measurable metabolism rate, but each of us has our own.

Many factors can affect it, including age, gender, diet, and medications. We can measure the metabolic rate of a person to determine if it is fast, slow, or somewhere in between. A person with a fast metabolism burns food faster than someone who has a slower metabolism. Unfortunately, those of us without a fast metabolism will be less thin than those who do. There are many factors that can influence our metabolism, but three are the most important.


These factors are age, sex and diet. It may seem impossible for us to alter the effects of age and sex on our metabolic rate. It is possible to increase our metabolism by increasing our activity, changing our diet and taking supplements. A higher metabolic rate means more energy and a lower weight. This can lead to a longer life and better , as well as more enjoyment of life. Any can increase metabolism temporarily or permanently during and after a session.

The best exercises to increase metabolism are those that are or resistance exercise. Most people think of weight lifting when they think about strength training. There are many other options for strength training, such as isometric exercises, bodyweight exercises, and power yoga. Our metabolism is also affected by the fact that many people eat the wrong foods. You don’t have to eat a strange diet in order to keep your metabolism high. It is possible to make a huge difference by choosing the right foods. This article is too short to cover nutrition to increase metabolism.

Final Tips

I recommend that people simply check the glycemic Index and follow its guidelines. Supplements such as 12 or supplements can be helpful for those who need it. Raspberry ketones, one of these supplements, seems to be effective in increasing energy levels and metabolism. These supplements are meant to be used as “supplements” and should not be taken in conjunction with regular exercise or a good diet.