All too often we spend our lives trying to fulfill the expectations of others while denying ourselves our own sense of self worth. Surely this isn’t right? Were we put on this world to be puppets controlled by other people or if we be living a that is happy and fulfilling? By living the type of life that satisfies us we are really doing more for others than if we live our lives on their terms.

Self worth

Ultimately, it’s more challenging to be around needy individuals will little sense of self worth than it is to be around those who know what they want and where they are heading. Sure, there’ll always be people who would rather control us than watching us increased and thrive as independent people, but are they really the type of people you want in your life? So as to feel any sense of self worth, there are five factors that have to be fulfilled.

How often have not you been told to ‘lighten up’,’ get a grip’, do not seem so gloomy’, ‘stop being so emotional’ or similar words which invalidate your feelings? While this won’t ever cease, because controlling personalities will always work to control us through our emotions, it is important that you ignore their orders and accept your feelings are your own to cope with as you see fit. If possible, avoid those that are intent on invalidating you.

Good to know

For those people who are too busy trying to please other people than others, sailing through life with no plan or goal can seem to be the sole way of living. The reality is, those who value themselves also appreciate their lives and for that reason need to get the most from it as possible. Consider the things you want to accomplish in your life, then consider the time you think it’ll take to achieve each of these. Your plan doesn’t need to include major life-changing accomplishments but also smaller, less important things like learning how to knit or purchasing a bicycle. Those that are accustomed to having you live your life to please them will definitely try telling you that you can not alter a plan once it is created and that, if you do, you are a loser who can not stick with anything.

That’s poppycock! Plans can and will be changed. Life is not rigid; unexpected events occur that need we change our plans and any number of things could make us see things differently as we grow. As the late John Lennon said, life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. There’s just one certainty in this life and that is that you will one day die. How long you have before that happens is anyone’s guess but what you do with that time is completely up to you.


Live your life to the full and feel that there is never a better time to do anything than right now. Putting things off until another time is simply a means of hiding behind our fears – either that or sheer laziness. By being passionate about your own life you are showing your believe in yourself and your worth as a human being. Don’t let others talk you from doing whatever you decide to. Listening to others let you know what they’d do would be of no value for you – it is not them who is doing it, it is you and only you can know what is perfect for you.

Maybe it won’t work, but even if you don’t get the outcome you had hoped for, you will be an experience richer and that isn’t a waste of time or whatever you would want to regret. Failure is part of living. If we succeeded in everything we did, life would become dull and predictable. Dare to take a and inject some enthusiasm into you life. Don’t take life so seriously. Laughter really is a excellent that releases (feel good chemicals), alleviates pain and boosts our . You might well find yourself being chastised for taking things lightly but since this is your life and you make your own decisions, the opinions of others will no longer matter. Life is to be enjoyed so why not enjoy it?