Many women with weight problems are tempted by restrictive diets that appeal to them because of their promise of rapid . However, diets that are too low in calories (less than 1200 calories per day) are not recommended. They require too much deprivation to be successful in the long term.

In order to choose the right diet, it is necessary to take an informed look at its foundations and ask yourself if it meets five essential criteria.

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Tips to easily lose weight:

1. Adopt a new routine

The chosen diet should not be seen as a diet that restricts, but rather as a new way of eating that allows you to be more fit. Changing your eating habits is not only about losing weight; it is also about gaining vitality, improving the quality of your sleep and even boosting your morale.

2. Include your family members

When you isolate yourself to take a different approach to dieting than your family, the commitment is rarely long term. Discovering new foods, making healthy recipes and focusing on meals is something to share with your family.

3. Have fun

If the restriction is such that eating becomes an unpleasant or even unpleasant activity, it is better to change your approach. The best diet is the one you like! And it will vary according to the individual. It is always better to continue to have fun while eating, even if it means losing weight less quickly.

4. Don’t cut yourself off from any social activity

There is no question of refusing an invitation because you are watching your weight! Going out, whether to a restaurant, to a friend’s house or to a family member’s house, is part of life and makes it more enjoyable. By learning to eat according to your real appetite, you can eat anywhere without compromising your goal of losing weight.

And here 5 criteria for a good diet:

1. It does not exclude any food group.
2. It does not promise to lose more than 0.9 kg (2 lbs) per week.
3. It focuses on long-term changes in eating habits.
4. It encourages physical activity.
5. It is easy to follow, regardless of the social context.
6. It is accompanied by a good food supplement.

Reduslim, the slimming pill that makes your feel full

To lose weight, you can take a magic pill that would make the stomach feel full.

Reduslim, which can be taken orally and is intended for obese, overweight or fat people, will be a new option in medical treatment for those who need help managing their weight. This pill prescription must be made in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The average weight loss for people who have been treated with Reduslim has been 10%, which is about 9 kilos.

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What is the mechanism to guarantee Weight Loss?

Vitamins are vital for the body’s proper functioning and provide many health benefits. These vitamins are essential for metabolic activity, whether it be for general fitness or fighting disease. We will also see other benefits that could increase their popularity at home.

Their slimming effects aren’t well-known online so we created this file to help explain their role in weight loss. Vitamins are our friends, so let’s make the most of them!

Let’s get to the core of the matter: vitamins. What are they? These small molecules, also known as “organic substances”, are vital for the health and functioning of the body. They are found in all organisms, but they cannot be produced (or synthesized) in sufficient quantities.

The human body must have sufficient vitamins to enable proper functioning of vital exchanges between organs and molecules.  These organic substances are involved in the metabolism as “coenzyme precursors”, i.e. They are responsible for the formation coenzyme.

These vitamins are essential for the functioning of the metabolism. However, they are not sufficient to be produced in sufficient quantities. We must therefore seek out a source of these metabolic vitamins other than our own body. These organic substances are mostly obtained from an external source, namely food.

Although the amounts provided should be sufficient for a varied diet, this statement can change when there are external factors (e.g. Weather conditions or internal factors (e.g. Eating disorders and elements that affect the metabolism. Food supplements are a great way to overcome this problem and remain healthy.

1, also known as Thiamine, and vitamin B6, also known as Pyridoxine HCI or pyridoxal, are nutrients whose primary function is to ensure that carbohydrates and lipids can be converted into energy. This vitamin plays an important role in glucose metabolism and is therefore essential for the prevention of type 2. Vitamin B6 also plays a key role in weight loss, and has the added characteristic of mobilizing a variety of digestive and metabolic enzymes.

Additional information: In fact, the nocturnal enzyme agitation will open up the floodgates to glycogen reserves while you sleep, resulting in a smooth and deep weight loss.

Despite all these benefits, vitamin B6 is the one that suffers most from the high- diet of obese individuals or those in good physical condition. This allows you to get the best vitamin B6 to help you lose weight.


Cocoa is known for its many properties. These properties have been known to man for many centuries. It is a food supplement that acts as an antidepressant. It helps fight stress, anxiety, and . These hormones are related to pleasure. The Aztecs used cacao as a natural stimulant. To increase the stimulating effects of cocoa on the body, you can add pepper or chili pepper.

Agarpinine is also found in . This amino acid is converted into nitric oxygen once it is in the body. This substance is a vasodilator, which reduces blood pressure and stress. Cocoa generally increases the amount of chemical agents in the body. It affects mood and sexual desire.


Glucomannan, a -soluble dietary fiber obtained from the Asian Konjac Root, is a good example of this. The natural satillator is well-known throughout Europe thanks to numerous studies that have shown a positive effect on weight loss.

Dried Konjak root, also known as Amorphophallus Konjak or devil’s tongue Amorphophallus Konjak, contains approximately 40% Glucomannan. It is an excellent source for dietary fiber. It also contains D-mannose (a sugar) and D-glucose (a sugar that is particularly helpful for functional metabolism.

The glucomannan capsules can be ingested along with food. This allows the fibre contained to expand and absorb more water. The liquid absorbs and forms a gel which fills the stomach, intestines and lungs. This gives rise to a feeling of fullness in the early stages.

The capsules provide a feeling of fullness but also other functions:

  • Water binding results in high volumes
  • nutrient density
  • High levels of unsaturated fat acids and potassium
  • Low energy density (kcal/g diet).
  • Low in saturated fatty acid and cholesterol
  • Low sugar and low table salt
  • These properties, among others, contribute to weight loss, metabolism, and better digestion.

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