You have had some success in losing some of your pregnancy weight but are still struggling to lose the last 10 pounds. Those last few extra pounds can be very stubborn, aren’t they? We will discuss some ways to lose weight post-baby if you have just a few stubborn pounds to lose.  Tracking. Although many people don’t like to write down what they eat/drink on a daily basis, it can help them achieve their weight loss goals. Some people don’t realize how much they eat until they see it written down. This will help you determine if your plan needs to be modified in order to lose weight.

Take Note

  • Remember that drinks like soda, , and all have calories. Make sure to include these in your journal. Drinks such as soda, alcohol, and juice may need to be cut out or reduced. Sugar is sticky and can stick to your skin like glue. Better alternatives are water and tea, especially green tea.
  • Weekends/Special Occasions. You should be careful about cheating on your healthy eating habits when trying to lose weight after having a baby. It is common for weekend to arrive and for many people take a “break” from healthy eating. You may also have family events, such as birthdays or movie outings. This could lead you to eat less nutritiously. This could be another reason your weight loss efforts have plateaued.You may need to increase your willpower on weekends and/or on special occasions.
  • Portions. Are you eating the right amount of food? This is a key factor in a weight loss plateau. You will struggle to lose weight if you eat too much. However, if you eat too little, your body will go into starvation mode, and store all the food you eat. This will cause little or no weight loss. It is best to eat until you feel satisfied, not stuffed. If you are unsure about how much food you should eat, a good rule is to eat half of your plate of vegetables or salad, 25% of your plate with a starch, and 25% with a protein. It is best to eat three meals per day, with two healthy snacks in between.
  • Workouts. Your routine is key to losing the last 10 pounds. When we think about how we can lose weight after having a baby, we often grumble at the fact we need to exercise. Mothers with newborns often have difficulty keeping up with their children, let alone the to exercise. What I’m about teasing you with may “hurt” some. You might need to work out more. You may not be working out enough each week. You may not be doing enough or strength training. Combining both cardio and strength training could help you lose weight. Do you have the right weight for strength training? This is something that should be done at least 2-3 times per week. If your muscles don’t feel tired from lifting weights, you should consider using heavier weights to reap the benefits.
  • Eating Less? Are you still eating the same food you ate when you weighed more? This could be the reason you are experiencing a plateau. Your body will need less calories (weight loss) if you have a lot of weight. If you have already lost weight, you might need to reduce the daily calories you eat. This can help you lose the last 10 pounds.
  • Food. You may be struggling to lose weight after having a baby. Are you eating whole grains or refined grains? Whole grain foods are better for weight loss due to their fiber content. This will keep you regular and keep you fuller for longer periods. Are you consuming a lot of sugar, sodium, or saturated fats? All of these factors can make it difficult to lose weight. Are you a latte drinker? These, for instance, are full of sugar. Yikes! Also, frozen meals (yes, even “diet”) are loaded with sodium.
  • Realistic. We all have a weight loss goal that we want to achieve, but it is important to be realistic. Your body might reach the weight it is meant to, and then tell you, “No, that’s all, I’m done.” To determine the ideal weight for your body, it may be useful to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index).

The Keys

To begin with, who am I to speak about pregnancy weight loss. Okay, and 7 days after this blessed event I could honestly say I had dropped all of the pounds I obtained during pregnancy and was in fact in better form than before I grew to become pregnant. Had been it easy? Not entirely, nonetheless it wasn’t all that challenging either. I’ll say that I acquired one advantage. Shortly after of my pregnancy, I came across a program of exercise and diet that I followed. My major reason for finding and third , program was for the sake of my baby. But, needless to say any program made to promote a wholesome baby, would furthermore promote a healthy mommy.

For this reason I probably had much less pregnancy weight to reduce than easily followed no plan while pregnant. It doesn’t matter how much weight you’re attempting to lose, however, there certainly are a couple of essential things you can do that will ensure it is easier and quickness up the process. The foremost is nursing. It generally surprises me to discover just how many females don’t understand the weight loss benefits that include nursing. In fact most of the weight gain females experience during pregnancy would be to prepare our anatomies for nursing.

Did you know?

When females choose never to nurse their babies, they skip out on one of many avenues to losing the pounds. A woman who follows a standard schedule of nursing their infant is, typically, burning 500 calories each day. The equivalent of a fairly decent workout. So, in the event that you were preparing on nursing–excellent, if you weren’t, you might want to reconsider. Today after nursing offers you your jump-begin into losing your surplus poundage, the next thing is to start a fitness program. Let’s encounter it, after delivering your , your daily routine will probably be very different than you’re used to, why not throw a fitness program into the mix immediately.

I mean what’s yet another thing, right. It doesn’t need to be anything strenuous initially. Start off slow and build up to something a bit more demanding. The crucial for me had been to involve my babies in my own routine. I began by strolling them. Then following a few times, I would begin to take longer and much longer strolls. I’d then increase from several strolls a day to 4 or 5. Of course, I found the pace a little also. I in no way got up to jog, but I was producing very good time.

Final tip

This routine actually worked two parts for me. First, I acquired all the advantages from the exercising, and 2nd it kept me from seated around and consuming all day long. And, after initially starting this program, it wasn’t challenging at all. Actually it got to the main point where I must say i looked forward to it. Therefore, as though there aren’t enough things you can do after having your child, losing those pregnancy pounds doesn’t have to be that tough of one. The keys are usually to start right apart by nursing, and as soon after as you possibly can work into a day to day routine of exercise. At 39 years with twins, if I can perform it–you can perform it.