Have you been discovering yourself saying out loud whether requested or not,”I feel like crap now?” Have you ever found yourself thinking this way when you have made a quick evaluation of your general well-being at any stage during your day? It’s usually during the halfway point of your workday or near the end of it or into the evening hours after a long day.

Let’s see…

It might also be when getting out of bed in the morning because you didn’t well or you’re still feeling the effects of some kind of psychological, emotional or physical strain that transitioned over into another brand new day. Are you sick of feeling like crap? Would you like to feel good, or at least feel better than crap? If the answer is yes, then let us take a minute to inspect the real life consequences of believing affirmatively. Then we’ll talk about the 3-step procedure to healing yourself from dis-ease as a result of unbridled mind chatter.

But first, let us see what believing does. You see, believing is in movement. When our minds believe, it is doing something. As it believes thoughts and keeps thinking thoughts it keeps doing. Our mind is influenced by each our minds instigate. This energetic activity entails neuronal activity. Otherwise put, all neuronic synergy requires electricity. The generates the energy and the mind, likened to a machine, responds by turning on. The mind produces energy in the kind of synaptic communication.

Take into account

As the mind functions to respond to the controls of the believing mind, it releases substances that alert the rest of the body to take action or not. These chemicals stimulate not just physical but psychological responses. The mind’s responses, therefore, catalyze the momentum of the human experience. We believe, feel and do. So how can we maximize our own experience and live our own life of purpose by curing the dis-ease of our daily experiences? This means we slow down to Soul-up – to focus inward and connect with our Soul.

Yes, we literally slow down long enough mentally, emotionally and physically so as to hear and cure. What are we hearing? Our Spirit communication to us. It’s hoping to help guide us down the path of least resistance to our greater purpose. What are we ? The incessant need to do rather than listen. Doing too much too often with no real advice is unhealthy. Doing overburdens our minds, emotions and physical bodies. As a result of doing too much too frequently, our physical and or psychological and mental suffers.

By continuing the unhealthy cycle of doing too much too often and then whining about feeling bad, we affirm into the Universe which we want to keep feeling bad. Needless to say, in this case, the requirement for feeling like crap is to have too much to do too often. Therefore, the Universe being impartial, will bring us what we’re energetically requesting and the way for it to happen. To put it differently, if you’ve got the habit of waking up in the morning and when your feet hit the floor, you start working off those things in your To Do list that you created the night before. This daily routine energetically calls out to the Universe to give you more.


By routinely beginning each day such as this, the Universe has no other option than to give you what you ask for – more work – if you need it or not. The pattern affirms your desire to feel bad. As you affirm, you get. The Universe doesn’t hold back. It always gives us exactly what we ask for even if it’s something we do not actually want. Have you got the disorder of doing too much? It’s the, “I feel like crap and I’ve too much to do” disease of the unquieted mind. Second: Slow down – literally! Quit running in circles with, “I need to do this, I must do so, and I can not stop until this is done, oh no, I have not done that yet, I must do so before I sit down, eat, or go to bed, etc. ” familiar!

While you continue running, you don’t just wear your own body and its down but you exhaust your brain and when you get tired physically and emotionally, you become agitated and sometimes just plain mad. So, physically slow down yourself. You will need to stop doing so much and stop making such long”To Do” lists every day. Spread out the items. What are you trying to achieve anyway? Do you believe this life is simply about”doing and getting things done and checked off my To Do list?” Of course it is not, right!

Take note

Slow down your mind. Why? Because! If you do not, you will wear out your mind, your body and your emotions. Again, consequently, you will become angry and tired. You deplete all of your power and neglect to take the opportunity to refuel. Our brains have been made to work for only so many hours per day. After all, we only use 10 percent of the 100 we have available to us. There’s a reason for this. It’s because our bodies can not keep up with over 10% brain activity. If we could, without appropriate evolutionary preparation, we would believe ourselves into an early grave! Our bodies are older today than they were yesterday, months, years and decades ago.

Therefore, it’s tired of our persistent request to ask it to continue for us or another all of the time throughout the day every day, day after day. Our emotions are feelings closely connected to every notion. Therefore, we continue to occupied our minds with continuous chatter – infinite and random thoughts – always asking a judgment (that shows up as an emotion) that is then interpreted from the body as a physical feeling (a feeling – good or bad). Each thought has a psychological perception (judgment) connected to it of if the idea we just had is judged to be a fantastic perception of a negative perception.

As we experience the positive or negative emotion, our bodies suggest what would feel pleasant or prohibitive. We obviously need to prevent the tightness sensation in our own bodies because this is what generates discord and for that reason dis-ease leading to various health problems or sudden death like from a attack, stroke, aneurism, asthma attack, allergic response, and so forth.


This is my advice for you. If you wish to feel balanced and cure whatever ails you, it is time to care for yourself. You do that by following the three steps I outlined above. Breaking through your mind’s incessant chatter and affirming only what you truly need is your first step toward aligning with your Soul’s purpose. When we refuse to obey our Spirits talk to us and follow Its advice, the only way It can get our focus is by slowing us down so that we’re in a place where we could hear/sense It. When we squeeze off the flow of spirit communication, we unwittingly create physical and psychological disease that may or may not manifest immediately. To put it differently, our lack of relationship or purposeful communication with our Souls will make us physically, and from time to time, mentally and emotionally ill. If we don’t slowdown and stop the chatter, another”downtime,” regrettably, will come from something far more hazardous to our general well-being. When this occurs, we’ll be lucky if we could still seek and get the we desire when recovery is needed. So, avoid the need to cure ensuing dis-ease and Soul-Up!