In our technologically advanced , why have the advocates of conventional medicine not found a cure for the common cold? The reason is that the frequent cold isn’t the problem; it is just the symptom or effect of the underlying problem. And what’s the underlying problem?

Did you know?

95 percent of our illnesses are brought on by stress. And why have the professionals and researchers of conventional medicine didn’t realize that? The reason is that the fans of conventional medicine still assert that the world is material in its ; and therefore they continue to deal with the symptoms instead of the invisible causes since the indicators are material and palpable. And they continue to do so 81 years following physicists found in 1925 that atoms were created from .

If energy makes molecules, and atoms make molecules, and molecules create cells, and cells create us, then we, too, are energy. The supporters of conventional medicine also have been wrong about the causes of stress. Stress isn’t due to our outside environment; stress results from what we perceive our outside environment to be. For instance, darkness may lead to stress in one person; whereas it has no influence on someone else.

Nervous system

Our autonomic nervous systems are our bodies’ control centre for stress. Our autonomic nervous systems are divided into the parasympathetic nervous systems and the sympathetic nervous systems. Our parasympathetic nervous systems control our own bodies’ involuntary functions like our immune systems, digestive systems, cardiovascular systems, neurological systems, and reproductive systems. During this normal body functioning, our cells are in a growth mode and our bodies’ immune systems are healing our bodies.

Our sympathetic nervous systems are triggered when we perceive danger, whether real or imagined; and that perception of threat triggers our anxiety. As our bodies prepared themselves for immediate physical action, they are now in a fight or flight mode. Our sympathetic nervous systems deliver adrenalin, , and oxygen to our organs active in warding off danger. Our cells now change from a growth mode into a self-protection mode. And when our cells are in a self-protection manner, our immune systems closed down and are no longer available to cure our bodies.

Keep in mind

But when stress disappearsour autonomic nervous systems automatically change our cells back into expansion mode; and our immune systems can be found again to heal our own bodies. Our bodies are now in or normal body functioning. But what happens if anxiety remains in our own bodies? If anxiety remains in our own bodies, whether or not we know it, our cells stay in a self-protection manner, and illness, , and disease manifests. So how can we eliminate stress from our own bodies? How can we return our cells to expansion mode? How can we trigger our immune systems to heal and protect our own bodies? We do this by fixing or altering our destructive pictures.